Sneak Peek

Alright lovely people, this blogger is gonna go ahead and say she will not be posting for a few days because she knows full and well she will not have time. However, next week is sure to be an awesome treat. Next week is Banned Book Week here in the USA, and not only is that a fabulous thing to dedicate a week to, but also a most meaty subject for a blog. Thus, starting the 30th, and ending the 6th, my posts shall be dedicated to all things forbidden and literary. While I am going to focus on the situation here in the US, I would most encourage any of my international readers to do their own version, because I must admit to being woefully ignorant on the topic outside of my country (and even that is a recent acquiring of knowledge). I know I’m definitely not the only one to be posting about this event, so let’s all have an online party celebrating a commitment to the availability of literature. The festivities begin this Sunday!


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