About Precious Things

It’s been a long time (as usual). This time I was caught up in a whirlwind of schedule things that made it difficult to keep enough brain cells to write a coherent post. Now that I have scraped enough together, I want to talk about the nature of precious things. Having spent the last few weeks in a chaos of ever-fluctuating hours, long work days (11-16 hours depending), and some emotional turmoil…I have come to cling hard to the gems within the mine. First of all, an excellent partner. I know I talk about Handsome a lot, but I don’t know if I can quite express the lengths he goes to in order to secure the warmth and light he brings to my life. He traveled all the way here to visit, knowing that I would only have one day off and that the days I worked would see me stumbling home exhausted at later hours. He still made the trip and his company punctuated my time here beautifully. I mean, don’t misunderstand me, I do not totally hate the work I am doing right now. It’s just that the hours are not exactly what I was lead to believe they would be and my work is physically demanding (on feet all day, lifting buckets of paint, moving scenery etc.) so you could imagine I am feeling a little taxed. Handsome swept in with a gentle and loving heart as well as fresh energy that invigorated my spirit. Such a partner is precious.

Let me tell you about another precious thing. Except for the two full days I have had off, the evenings have been spent in a blur of work. In this town, everything closes at 9pm, which is the earliest I usually leave my job. Yesterday, however, a rare thing happened. Our work load was light enough that our manager let us off around 7. Upon our release, I begged my co-worker (and fast friend) Atlanta to go out to dinner. She agreed and we found ourselves at a most magical place. Twas a small restaurant where we were seated outside in a stone courtyard enclosed in a cavern of trees. The sounds of others were drowned out by the rushing water flowing near us and for all the world the night was perfect. The food was unbearably good and the waiter kind enough to pick up the tab for one of my drinks (no I did not encourage that and he did NOT try to give me his number so it was extra sweet). What made the evening truly wondrous was that we could enjoy it. Atlanta and I could sit down for a few hours in the evening and just rest. That may sound trivial, but imagine with me. Days of not always exactly knowing when they will finish. Remaining flexible, but betting on the notion that you will be out late and arrive home exhausted. Now, imagine that same inconsistency working in your favor, allowing you a surprise amount of time where you can actually do something special. That is a gift and we took full advantage. The minor hardship made the restful evening practically shine as golden sunlight on a beach. Treasure your precious time in the midst of hard things. Tis when they shine most brightly.

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