We are Alice

Ever visit a place that you knew as a child? I mean, really knew in that intimate way that a kid ingrains such things? Everywhere you walk within that space as an adult somehow has to be reconciled with the child that still knows the place far better. Feels a little like walking through Wonderland, everything growing and shrinking unexpectedly as the present and past fight for dominance in your perspective. I am in such a place now. All I see is exactly as I remember, but yet has changed beyond recognition. Wonderland is the havens of childhood, and we adults are just another curious girl bumbling our way through the land we once navigated so simply. Mad as Hatters, grinning like Cats, and still unable to adequately answer the Caterpillar’s question.

Outakes (Handsome is truly the best)

My boyfriend is seriously too good to me. We finally exchanged Christmas gifts, and he could not have chosen better.



For those who don’t know what these pictures signify, you are looking at a knitter’s dream needle set. These are ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeables which are basically the Lamborghini of interchangeable knitting needles. Rejoice with me, my man is the best.

The Itch

Restlessness is my existence. Constant need for stimulation in one form or another does not sound like an uncommon problem, but in my case, the need is not satiated by social media, television, or materialistic gain. Adaptation is one of my favorite forms of stimulation. Translation: I deeply crave the challenge of flying to a new place, parking myself there, and living in that new environment for however long it suits me. People have called me adventurous, or chalked my craving up to basic wanderlust. I agree with the wanderlust part, but adventurous struck me as odd the first time I heard it. Adventures are things that you participate within temporarily, and then you return (or not) to a place of homeostasis (or, at least, something decidedly “not” the adventure). I recognize I just identified the noun form when I am talking about the adjective, but my brain inextricably melds them. I am dissatisfied with the definition of adventurous as only the willingness to try new things. Adventurous describes someone who enjoys an adventure. I would not set my craving in the same category as the things I simply enjoy. I would rather liken it to something I do because I feel compelled by a constant itch in between my shoulder blades that will not relent while I am within this body. Mayhaps I appear adventurous, but truly I am just doing what I can to feel closest to flight.