Sneak Peek

Alright lovely people, this blogger is gonna go ahead and say she will not be posting for a few days because she knows full and well she will not have time. However, next week is sure to be an awesome treat. Next week is Banned Book Week here in the USA, and not only is that a fabulous thing to dedicate a week to, but also a most meaty subject for a blog. Thus, starting the 30th, and ending the 6th, my posts shall be dedicated to all things forbidden and literary. While I am going to focus on the situation here in the US, I would most encourage any of my international readers to do their own version, because I must admit to being woefully ignorant on the topic outside of my country (and even that is a recent acquiring of knowledge). I know I’m definitely not the only one to be posting about this event, so let’s all have an online party celebrating a commitment to the availability of literature. The festivities begin this Sunday!

Stress Relief?

My day yesterday was so full of awesome shenanigans, I hardly know where to start. PNinja and I were supposed to just chill out, watch Hot Sets, and chow on salsa. Then, the fateful conversation that decided the course of my day.

Yup, I chose to go shooting. Now, I do not condone violence, and guns have always made me wary. However, I decided to go for a few reasons.

1. Totally new experience,  which often means that one should strongly consider carefully before refusal.
2. If I am ever in a situation, God forbid, where a gun is present in a less than friendly manner, then I want to know more than just fear. I want to know exactly what it is I am facing, and I can’t know fully without ever having fired one.
3. A chance to hang out with some excellent people who really find this stress relieving and therefore do it well and often. I could trust them to keep us safe, and there could be much fun on top of it.
Hobey ho! I went to shoot some stuff


All the lovelies laid out in a row. The top is Sweet Shooter’s special favorite, which he fondly calls his “Russian Hand Cannon.” (The name is extremely appropriate. The thing is loud, vibrates everything within a good 20ft radius, and spits a huge shot of flame.)


Just comparing different stuff.


More comparison


Sweet Shooter with the ’22 he started myself and Super Lady (the other novice) out on to get us used to the feeling of shooting.


Basically, this gun has absolutely no kick and is easy to aim with a scope. Remember that itty bitty bullet you saw earlier? It’s the ammo that went into this gun. I did hit a target on my first shot 🙂


PNinja is basically in a quandary over which one to shoot next. She is practiced in this activity so she was all over the adventure.


So, with this gun….


I shot this bottle. It was one of two full of water, and Sweet Shooter loaded the gun with a type of bullet that basically expands after entry, meaning it obliterates the object on the exit. We were going to take turns trying to hit them with only one shot per turn, and I went first. I hit this bad boy, and managed to clip the label off the other.


But, the day belonged to the paint ninjas, because PNinja got the second bottle.


If I had to choose, I preferred this little guy. Though he but little, he is a ’45 that packs a wicked punch.


Yes, I do indeed feel a little badass when I see this picture.


The coworker who let us shoot on his property, Fog Master, was kind enough to whip up a most hardy meal before we went on our way. Ahhh, perfection.

Let me be completely clear with you dear reader. There were no living things harmed in this outing aside from the grass that might have been mowed when a bullet struck the dirt. All the seasoned veterans present were very adamant about safety and were very aware of their surroundings. Though we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, there was never any horseplay with a loaded weapon facing a person. Even the unloaded pieces were treated as if they were loaded. Though I will not pretend I am a complete advocate of gun ownership, I do have a stronger respect and understanding for them as machines, and I can see how going out and shooting Christmas decorations with varying levels of firepower could be stress relieving. The day continued to be awesome, but save that for another post 😉

The Market (the Pumpkins)

I may be in Florida, but today lifted my spirits into an autumn song that almost allowed me to see the leaves change on the trees around me. After a wretched two evenings, a simple trip to the farmers market with the lovely ZeldaStark managed to completely put me in a glorious place. Turns out all I needed were some pumpkins 🙂

What I see every time I go, with a little extra on the side.

So many glorious gourds!

This lady makes them look even more fantastic!

So many different kinds!

So ugly, it’s pretty

This is a sight that was so visually rich I almost felt tearful.


Some of the more interesting things in this world are sometimes in places that we already love.


I Am the Wolf

This is a clip from Walt Disney’s, The Sword in the Stone (brilliant movie by the way). Let’s just say, I feel like the wolf in this clip, and I will especially feel how he does at the summit by the end of this month.


Life is about to get real crazy, real quick. The Halloween event that we have all been sacrificing much of our sanity to prepare finally opens with a “preview” this weekend. I tell you what, PNinja and I ran around like crazy ladies last week, dodging no small amount of interference and unexpected additions to our work load, and we managed to accomplish an incredible amount of stuff. In fact, our entire list was completed just as Big Man 1 requested. This week, we have been working late hours, including some that we were originally not scheduled to work, and generally traipsing all over this tiny portion of God’s creation on our own two feet to get all the little odds and ends tied up before the horde descends. Last night, I found myself out with a few other technicians (PNinja, Super Lady, Sweet Shooter, and CoolGirl), and we had ourselves a merry time. While there was certainly some griping about the state of affairs, we ultimately pressed on to exchanging silly stories involving counterweight fly systems (yes, this is what theatre technicians end up talking about in a bar). Today, I took the day to rest and recuperate, considering I have rather heinous hours for the foreseeable future. Aside from completely forgetting about going to knitting group (can we say brain operating on very low battery?), I had a charming day. I had incredible phone conversations with Persephone and Handsome, and I managed to finally start a book that the Philosopher lent me ages ago. I cooked myself a glorious chicken lunch with Persephone on speaker-phone coaching me through the finer points of garlic use in cooking. Because I am working really late hours, I have taken to eating my bigger meal in the midst of the day rather than try and haul a heavy meal to work that I only get to eat around 8-10PM depending on the break time. Aside from being slightly anxious about the weekend, I am feeling rather elated. I am blessed with excellent relationships, I have adequate shelter, and a higher-up in my workplace called PNinja and myself the “superheroes” of this year’s Halloween event. He said this directly to our faces with no prompting, which positively made me preen my egotistical feathers. Mayhaps I will be a puddle of goop by the end of all this, but I will still be a “superhero” puddle.

Outakes (A Lovely Weekend)

Handsome came to visit, and we had a lovely time traipsing about. First, the Dali Museum.




This museum holds the largest collection of Dali’s works in the United States. The architecture of the building is supremely whimsical, and the staircase in the pictures above is a signature part of the museum’s appearance. I could not take photos in the galleries where the work is displayed, but suffice it to say I was blown backwards and sideways by much of what I saw.




Another fun thing about the museum is that it has lovely photo opportunities. The first set is of the third floor gallery looking out into the garden and the marina beyond. The second is in front of a foam sculpture out in the garden that includes sculptures and a labyrinth.

Seeing as how we were in the area, we decided to stop by the beach. Twas a perfect day for it, with perfectly flat water and the weather cooperating right until we left.



What better way to top off an excellent weekend than a trip to the farmers market? We joined ZeldaStark for the trip, and she basically flipped out at the sight of some pumpkins that were sitting on display. My basket this week included the usual fare, with the addition of champagne mangos and kiwi. Could not have asked for a better time.

Morning Thunder

This morning, I awoke to thunder and rain drumming insistently on the roof. I found myself in a state of comfort and well-being that surprised me slightly. I have always been dreadfully frightened of thunder storms. Ever since I was little, awakening to the crash and collision of sudden bursts of light with the sound of the sky breaking open sent me running to my parent’s room every time. Even into my young adult years, I have not found the solace and even joy that the majority of my loved ones find in the storm. I love a good rainstorm, it’s just the kind that comes with thunder that makes me nervous. Right before I came to Florida, I rode out a particularly nasty storm snuggled under a blanket with my dad, who was trying to provide some reassurance to both myself and a completely frightened dog (Galinda by name). We all rode out the storm in the dark, my dad speaking quietly about how he enjoys watching thunderstorms in the dark, the blinds wide open, observing the lightening and the rain. Florida is certainly not the place to live if one is frightened of thunderstorms, and I must admit that my first few made me jumpy. However, I started a brave new ritual. When I am in my apartment, and a thunderstorm begins to shake the sky, I make myself a cup of tea, open the blinds, snuggle into a blanket on the couch, and watch. Slowly, the nerves recede into the heat of my drink, and into the wonder of watching lightening dance.  Awakening this morning to the storm, a state that usually causes me extreme discomfort, I caught myself smiling contentedly. I turned over in my bed, and just listened.

Another Award (and so in tune with my sweet tooth)

Yet again, the lovely Princess has nominated me for a blogging award. This one is certainly fitting because, as many who know me can attest, I have an incurable sweet tooth. Thus, answering the following questions could be rather difficult, but alas, for the sake of my lovely nominator and sugar- addicts everywhere, I must try!

Cookies or Cakes?

I love both with all my heart, but I would have to say that cookies happen on a more regular basis. Cakes are kind of a special thing, and while I certainly admire them while out shopping, this lady always tends to go for the cookies. (Please see picture below for my ultimate guilty-cookie-pleasure. I know, basically straight shortening, and the ingredients list doesn’t seem to have an edible ingredient upon it, but Lord Almighty they are flipping tasty!)


Chocolate or Vanilla?

In terms of ice cream and cupcakes, vanilla. Everything else is chocolate all the way.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Cookie dough, it will win my love and affection in almost every circumstance. The only way to touch the more shallow parts of my heart more quickly is with yarn.

Gahhhhh, this makes me want some right now!

When do you most crave sweet things?

Oddly enough, right after I do dishes, or around later evening. In the case of the dishes, I started a basterdized form of Operant Conditioning on myself. I would use my dessert as a reward that I ate only after I did the dishes. This worked wonders, save that now any time I do dishes I start salivating and I crave chocolate. Anyhow, late night cravings are a little sad for me now because those were once satisfied by furious baking sessions with Herculine. She had this killer cookie dough recipe that absolutely slays me. Though she sent it with me, I have not had the heart to make them yet because she is not there to mix the wet portions while I do up the dry (with 2 AND A 1/2 cups of flour, not 2 half cups 🙂

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Stealing the picture from my nominator, my name would totes be the Cookie Monster 🙂


Don’t exactly have a full dozen, but here you are!


Simply the Way

Today turned into a totally promising start to the week. PNinja and I have been left with a rather daunting list of tasks that need to be accomplished by the end of the week. Starting today, I was certainly aware that we could find ourselves in a very serious time crunch, which only became more apparent when we found out we did not have access to a vehicle. However, after discovering a perfectly serviceable push cart to carry our materials, my fine companion and I soon found out that we may have the ability to carry out our tasks within time. The list is still large, but our pacing today was much quicker because we did not have to wait for approval before moving on to the next task. Left to our own devices, PNinja and I plugged along quite nicely, knocking out a good chunk of our notes by the end of the day. I am just in awe of the responsibility given to us in this instance, which does make me feel even more determined to accomplish the entirety of our list. Thinking on how I’ve met absurd deadlines in the past, I realize that the Lord has given me the strength to deal with these situations well. The situation is also helped by the fact that my partner in paint has also faced some serious deadlines in the past. In our line of work, such things are not uncommon. In fact, I would go so far as to say expected. In theatre, there is no dodging the deadline. The show is going to happen on the expected date and time whether your work has met expectations or not. There is no highway option, that is simply the way. Entertainment is basically the same. There is no margin for error, no chance of extending the deadline, and no time to consider “what if I can’t…” All this is to say that  I have been in the position where I had to paint an entire show by myself in a stupidly short time, and that was when I was a full time student. Needless to say, PNinja has had similar experiences. Thus, when we face this week (with its list of everything from minor to major touch-ups) we can face it with reasonable determination, humility, and clear heads. We’ve been here before, and we will absolutely be in this place again. Hello, we are theatre people, and we are gluttons for punishment 😉