Health and Life

I am a very thankful person. I feel the healthiest that I have felt..well…really….ever. I have never been in truly bad health (save a random crazy virus when I was in 2nd grade, but I am still here and not blind thus the worst did not happen), but I guess I never realized the potential for truly excellent well-being. You always hear “eat right, exercise” blah blah blah, yeah okay, thank you propaganda of the moment. However, I am blessed that my health is holistically really great right now and only improving. Let me break it down for you (if you would permit me)

-Physically I am feeling like my body is just now showing me its vast potential. I found the exercise that keeps me feeling challenged and fully engaged. I mean, I guess I “found” yoga a while ago, but lately I have been consistently engaging as never before. You ever find that place where your body just seems to flow into something? As if you could hear every muscle and joint singing to you the notes of what needs to be plucked next? If you haven’t, tis a rather glorious song. There are four things that make me feel like that: ballroom/swing dancing, swimming, rock climbing, and yoga. In yoga, I can hear hums, whistles, clicks and the deep thrums of what my body desires. Add to that something that is going to make some people cringe; the addition of smoothies. Yup, it’s happened people. Handsome and I acquired a NutriBullet and I could not be more excited. This gizmo is super low maintenance and the mixtures are an excellent way to increase my spinach intake without choking down another salad every day. The smoothies often look a lot like raw sewage, but they taste like ice cream on a crispy autumn evening. Without going into too much detail, these smoothies have played a huge role in helping me wean off a medication that I’ve taken for the last ten years. The med was meant to help me maintain some painful symptoms of a common female condition (cough cough), but that drug was starting to screw around with my hormones. Now, I can control the symptoms by adjusting things in my diet and I could not be more thrilled. I am grateful to the medication for the help it gave me, but I am so glad to find a way to relieve pain without upsetting the balance of my body’s chemicals.

-Emotionally and Spiritually I feel like I am flying in a peaceful current of a roiling ocean. Life is never free of things that wish to cause me anxiety. However, I am finding myself in an emotionally secure place that is allowing me to respond to situations much more calmly than I would have a year ago. Obviously the better diet is huge contributing factor, but I am also participating in things and surrounding myself with people that bolster this excellent state. First, I have a partner who is a rich well-spring of support. He has been encouraging me in every venue from the food to the search for a summer job and he gives me reason to laugh and smile every day. Secondly, I have a spiritual community that has been absent since I left college. I had a good interim community in my dad’s wonderful congregation in Jersey, but here has the taste of a more permanent structure. There are courageous and beautiful women in the Bible study I attend and then there is the church Handsome and I have finally found. Indeed, ladies and gentle-figs, rejoice with me. The church hunt is over! We have found a place of simplicity and grace that I hope and pray continues to be a place of refuge and growth for us. I can tell my spirit is well because I am inspired to pursue Truth, Love, and Life as I have not felt inspired to since…perhaps I will tell that story some time. Suffice it to say there was an event in my experience with the church that has made it difficult for me to trust in community, but I am learning to forgive. And I am daring to trust. I am not good at it, but may haps He can teach me yet.

I am healthy and alive. I will take full advantage of that state of being.