Grueling hikes and Living Room Improvement

I had the most fabulous weekend. Twas the perfect mix of productivity and adventure. Saturday began with the usual foray to the farmers market and then there was an unusual foray to Big Lots. Handsome and I have been desperate to buy a couch, but we both were unwilling to pay exorbitant prices. I was willing to go a bit more expensive to get one from a place that delivered, but Handsome was more inclined to get a piece from Goodwill at a significantly lower cost, and just try moving it ourselves. Thank goodness I remembered that Big Lots sold furniture and, as it turns out, they go through a third party company for delivery. We got a fantastic sofa for an extremely reasonable price. The couch arrived today with no difficulty and I must say it makes the living room look so much more like a room that one could actually live within.

We spent the rest of the day yesterday hiking. There are pictures, but my bandwidth is down below zero so they shall be loaded at a later date. Handsome’s coworker suggested a trail in the Adirondacks that was called Blue Mountain Lake Trail. The trailhead was about a two hour drive from us through gorgeous central New York countryside. The leaves in the mountains are already beginning to sing the first notes of fall. We arrived to a crisp sunny day. The trail is (supposedly) two miles, but it is not for the faint of heart. The first two thirds are definitely rocky, but not hugely challenging. Then, the final portion. A steep incline up extremely slippery rocks with an active stream of water spilling down from the upper reaches. We have done a lot of trails, but this one was among the most challenging thus far. However, the view at the summit was worth the climb a thousand times over. There is a small fire tower at the top, looking like one should do anything but put weight on its steps. You climb the winding stairs, duck the low landing, and then look out on something close to Glory. Surrounding you is the entire sprawl of the Adirondacks. The trail is apparently one of the “center” trails where one can quite literally be in the heart of the mountains. The hike up was arduous, the hike down was rough enough for me to take a tumble (some ugly bruises but none the worse for wear), but that sight filled my mouth and heart with the taste of awe and adulation. Completely worth the climb.


Today was as productive as yesterday was adventurous. First, I went to a church that I might actually continue to attend (cross your fingers, after three tries I am a little weary of church hunting). Though small and quite traditional, I found the energy soothing and the sermon engaging rather than taxing. I came back and proceeded on a DIY craze to shame any of those on HGTV. I fixed two broken pieces of furniture, put together lighting for living room, and set up a most lovely spice shelf. Below, I have put a picture of sneak preview of the improvements we have been enacting. Tis a most special thing, that spice shelf. You see, that is actually a shadow box that my grandfather made for me before he died. I was very close to my grandpa and I still miss him well and often. I have not had the shadow box in my room since my high school days because moving it so often would have been too risky for my tastes. It used to house all manner of small breakable things that I found pretty. Here, I was a little flummoxed about where to put the darn thing. The box is special, but with the limited wall space in my room I didn’t know a space that would do it justice. Then, a brilliant idea. My grandpa was an excellent cook and baker, I think he would have liked this choice.



Cats and Fresh Paint

I am shocked that it has been a month already since moving here. Life continues to be grand, although the spout of random humidity coupled with the heat have served me a dose of crankiness to be sure. Many a lovely thing has occurred. The job continues to go well (and by well I mean so totally perfect for me that I am humbled). Beyond work being a joy, a new joy has come into my current living space. Yes, ladies and gentlefigs, I finally have my cat with me. Kiki is a 9 year old of mixed breeding and she is truly a most excellent feline. Though she is an older cat, she still has the look and disposition of a kitten. She chose me as her human a long time ago and it has torn at my heart to not have her around constantly the last few years. Now, I am finally in a situation where I could be a responsible owner who could take care of her properly. I was scared that she would make the car ride hell, but she was actually rather mild. Then, I worried that she would be super-squirrelly because of being in a totally new place, but (again) my fears were mislaid. She has settled in beautifully. She has taken to being stupidly cute at every opportunity. My favorite new ritual involves waking up to my alarm, turning on my side, and within moments she is on the bed curled perfectly into my side for ten minutes of snuggling (as well as relating all of her nighttime adventures.) For those who don’t get the whole adorable-fuzzy thing, I apologize for not giving you a disclaimer before the entry.


Another lovely thing is that my room has been painted!!! I am not going to put up pictures just yet, because I am waiting until I get my shelving and artwork all squared away. Suffice it to say, my room upon arrival was reminiscent of a clinical situation, or perhaps the inside of a less than interesting booger. My room now is the most cheerful shades of creamy yellow (colors are called Spun Honey and Butterscotch Cream). I chose to make three of the four walls one color (Honey) and then go with an oh-so-slightly deeper shade for the fourth wall (Butterscotch). I originally thought of a bolder accent wall, but I felt more drawn to subtle depth in the midst of the cheer rather than a shout of color. Twas a good thing too, considering Handsome and I ran out of that deeper color and I had to go in and blend it with the main color around the edges. Huzzah for being a painter! Handsome truly was a trooper and we were able to complete the room in one evening. I cannot begin to tell you how much better it is to sit inside such a sunny hovel. I also sometimes feel like I am inside a stick of butter, but that only serves to make me smile wider considering how much I enjoy that particular food item. We are hoping to complete the living room soon and I promise yummy pictures on that front. Hopefully I will write again soon fair readers.


Best life

I have been in Syracuse for three weeks. I have been at my new job for three weeks. I have been living with Handsome for three weeks. The glorious part is that all three realities are in a good place. Again, I will not pretend that I spend my days skipping about through singing paint brushes that gayly do all the tedious base painting; nor do I have the luxury of coming back to a TV ready apartment where both Handsome and I talk to each other in dulcet tones about sweet nothings….  my life is so much better. I work. I sweat. He works. He sweats. We talk. We manage. We play. We love. We adventure. It is so funny to us that people consider our move to be almost crazy. “What, you just packed up and left? Moved somewhere you had never been before deciding to move there?” Yes. Yes, that is exactly what we did. The interesting part is that the decision felt so calculated. However, when I think about it, the main spur was the fact that I got a great job in the area. I was going to move for that reason alone. That does not feel crazy to me, but apparently others find it very bold. Handsome coming with me seems braver to me. He had to find a job, pick an apartment with me, and uproot himself from the town he lived in his entire life. In sooth, my decision to fly all over is due more to my nature than to any particular courage on my part. I admire Handsome far more in this case. He made a leap, and not just for my sake. He dove head first with abandon and fire into a whole new lifestyle after maintaining his place for so long. I am a blessed woman for all that I have, but having such a brave man in my life is really one of the brightest.

Happiness and Eeyore

I never considered the possibility of being consistently happy. I consider joy to be a thing to strive for consistently, but happiness has always been a most fickle lady. Sometimes she deigns to grace me with her presence and then she is off to grace another. I don’t complain because I don’t need to be happy all the time. My life is a plethora of texture and that touch would not be possible if I only wanted happiness. When I was little, I really loved Eeyore best of all the Winnie- the- Pooh characters even though my disposition is closer to Tigger. The reason I love that gloomy little donkey is because he was okay being subdued in the midst of all the peppy optimism. He also did not let that gloominess, nor that dratted butterfly, deter him from attempting to construct his house. I believe strongly in feeling what I am feeling regardless of whether it is cheer or gloom. However, right now, here, in this moment, I rather think that little butterfly has landed on my dwelling not to bring a sad collapse. Instead, I think it is bringing a touch of consistent brightness. I welcome the wings.