Coming Home

I ached for home so badly I could practically taste it in the back of my throat. My summer at the Festival was not good. There were some beautiful people and some incredible work, but ultimately I was not sorry to put my back to the place. One of the things that made it difficult was the knowledge of what was existing here, in Syracuse, while I was away. My man, my cat, a landscape that was alive and drenched in summer after a winter that sliced it to the bones. Now I am here, in that landscape, with my man (and my cat) and I could not be more grateful. There is so much here to fill my days. True I have gone back to working at the Stage, but in comparison to the hell storm that my life was the last few weeks, the hours I keep at the Stage seem almost lazy. Handsome and I have been going on adventures every weekend since my return and my mind and behavior have been equalizing slowly. This past weekend we went driving through Madison County for Open Farm Day. Myself, Handsome, and another couple who were kind enough to join us spent the day driving through gorgeous countryside full of lush hills, patchwork grasses, and many a family-owned farm with every kind of animal and farm-raised food imaginable. What a luxury to be able to drive anywhere we desire and to have that desire fulfilled with home places so lovely that they encompass one with music and other delicious sensations. I am so viciously glad to be home.

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