Comfort versus Desire

Back to work today, and what a fine day it was. My new partner in paint is a fabulous human being that I am thus dubbing Paint Ninja (we’ll call her PNinja for short…the p can be silent ;). The days pass so much more happily with company, and PNinja and I get along swimmingly so that helps extremely. Ren Man (Renaissance Man, I’m into abbreviating my own silliness) is proving an excellent boss, which also helps make the job more enjoyable. I do wish I could give you all the delicious details about what I have been doing with myself, but alas, I am sworn to keep my silence at least until the attraction is open/past. Let’s just say that the description of my job on a day to day basis is usually full of things that the majority of the population will never be able to say they did in their entire career. Anyhow, I find myself in a place of feeling balanced because of various thoughts and decisions that have been coursing through my brain. Although I am not ready to share them in this venue, I must say that admitting to yourself that you are only considering a path because it is comfortable is a scary thing. I mean, there is certainly nothing wrong with a comfortable path, but those paths can lead to places that we later wonder if we ever truly wanted to be there at all. If I choose a comfortable path, comfort will only be a happy side effect to my actual desire. I do not long for comfort. I long to live a life I actually love, not one I convince myself that I love. I know, grandiose words spoken by one who is very young, but youth is only a state of being that my body happens to line up with at the moment. I only hope that as my body ages, the desire to live a full life that I love will only intensify, and thus my drive to pursue it can only increase.

Fiberful Day

Today was a most glorious day off, and Isaac thus far has not hit us too hard. The day started off with blocking my beauteous shawl. The pattern is called the Mermaid’s Gift, and it was written by Tori Gurbisz. The pattern is part of an ebook that the designer created called Myths and Fairytales, and I must say I covet it dearly. The Mermaid’s Gift was something I purchased before I realized it was part of a larger book. Upon viewing the other 5 patterns, I was instantly in love. I really like the fact that this designer based this collection off of lesser known mythological characters and fairy tales. For example, one of the patterns is called Amalthea, which is inspired by the book The Last Unicorn. That book inspired a movie that I watched so often as a kid the VCR ate the cassette. As for the shawl I made, the designer named it after the original Anderson tale, where the Little Mermaid chooses to die without a soul rather than bring harm to the man she loves. Though she turns to foam, she is ultimately given the opportunity to earn a soul because she chose to sacrifice herself rather than harm another being. While I certainly love the inspiration (and mermaids are definitely in my top favorite fantasy humanoids), my shawl is more reminiscent of another sea legend that I deeply love. I have taken to calling the shawl my Selkie shawl, so named after the creatures that are seals in the water, but have the ability to remove their skins and walk on shore as people. I have loved the idea of such creatures ever since a children’s book called Greyling was read to me when I was little. My shawl is made of a wonderful coarse wool, with a color that reminds me of the moment sea water hits the rocks. The way the foam bursts and seems to turn cream and brown with the sun above and the stone beneath. The beads are a perfect confection of haunting green, and iridescent shifts in color that harken to the inside of a mussel’s shell. This is not the shawl of the tropical waters I have encountered here, but rather of the oceans that I encountered every summer on the shore up north. It’s water that is dark, and thus could always hide secrets like selkies and mer people. The design of the shawl is so stunning, with three bands of pattern that absolutely smack of a wave crashing towards the shore. Obviously, I am enamored of the finished product. The rest of the day was spend winding off Eddard’s first full shaft of wool, and winding yarn for new projects. I am gloriously happy, and I hope to eventually post better pictures of the Selkie Shawl, once I find a photo location that satisfies me.


Success Before the Storm

A day full of rousing success stories. First of all, epic laundry day was an extremely smart thing to do as early in the day as I could. By the time the last load was done, people were already pulling the classic, “I’m not going to wait ten minutes for the dryer, so I’ll just dump the clothes inside over here.” Well, whoever it was, he/she was at least kind enough to put it on the table and not the floor. Anyway, my next task was the farmers market. ZeldaStark introduced me to this farmers market while my lovelings were in town, and it is a truly remarkable place. I have always loved accessible local produce, and this place is absolutely bursting with goodness. From apples to Tupelo honey, I feel glowing all over when I can get wonderful food for an excellent value. Happily today, ZeldaStark joined me again. We even enabled each other to purchase some delightful baskets that incited some spontaneous singing (may or may not have included lyrics about provincial towns). We also stopped by the tea lounge, because, darnit!, I need more morning tea! My evening brews are enough to last for a bit, but I positively drag in the morning without my little tea lift, and the backup is almost out. Thus, some delectable local tea was acquired, and I bid the fair ZeldaStark adieu with wishes for safety during the hurricane. The last thing on the list, a trip to Lowes to gather the last few pieces of storm equipment that I sought. My favorite surprise purchase was a bag of reflective gear that included a vest and support belt (and the bag itself is a nifty little carry bag). While not absolutely necessary, it was cheap and could come in handy in other situations so why not (plus, I totes look fantastic in true neon). On my way home, Baloo called with the news that the park is closed tomorrow and thus no work. While a tiny part bemoaned the lost pay, more of me felt relief. Aside from the storm, I am tired from the 30 hours in three days that just happened. Today was to be my only day off before next weekend, and I spent most of it running to and fro. Knowing that tomorrow can be spent hunkering down to ride out the storm brings a huge wave of calm, and a bit of planning. What are the plans tomorrow? Besides the usual pursuits of knitting and reading, this lady is going to attempt to block a shawl when she has neither carpet nor blocking boards. How will this experiment turn out? We shall see 🙂


Getting out of work earlier than anticipated is truly a lovely thing. I mean, as much as I do like earning money, having time to get through all the things that are pressing is excellent. Right now, the main thing is gearing up for the less than polite Sir Isaac, who is making his merry way up the coast. While he is not currently a “bad” hurricane, advisors everywhere are still suggesting some precautions. It’s funny how people complain so much about snow and blizzards, yet these same people seem totally nonchalant about a storm that is guaranteed to have crazy winds, power outages, and floods that could potentially carry your car off yonder. I do not want to turn this into a “my storm is better than your storm,” but at least I am used to snow and the like (and it does not have a potential to move my car anywhere unlike floods…unless the wind gets ridiculous, but I digress). Despite the silliness, I am choosing to not fret about Isaac. The last time I freaked out over a hurricane was Irene. I had to drive directly into her oncoming fury in order to make sure I was at school by the start of semester. I made it to my apartment, stocked up, and then basically fought away panic attacks for the next few hours. I was alone, much like now, and the storm was supposedly going to hit hard. Well, fun fact, my apartment did not even lose power, and my area was relatively okay. I know that was not the case for many others, but the point is that my fear was completely unwarranted. Thus, I am attempting to grow from my past choices, and I have thrown myself into preparing for the inclement weather that comes as part of the price tag for where I live. Bottled water, non-perishable food items, things to hold water for various other necessities (flushing the toilet, brushing teeth etc.), flashlights, and a super-nifty lantern that I have dubbed Apollo (thing is bright enough to eclipse the moon on a foggy night.) Thus prepared, I am enjoying a glass of Cupcake Moscato, and I will be ready for epic laundry day on the morrow! (yes my life is so thrilling, please try to contain your excitement 😉

Will Return

I very much want to write of all the fabulous adventures I am having, but I fear that with the couple extra work hours combined with storm prep are thwarting my best efforts. I hope to return with a glorious post that is less of an explanation of why I am not writing, and more just the silly drivel I am wont to usually write. Til then, Hobey ho!

Places and Things

Oi it’s been a minute since I wrote last! Well, some things must be sacrificed in the face of running all over this little portion of God’s creation with two of the most lovely people ever. Wonder Woman and Handsome both made it here and back to their home fronts safe and sound. The five days I spent with them were truly everything I could have hoped they would be and then some. I will put in day specific posts as time wears on, and as Wonder Woman gets me some pictures considering I deferred to her small portable camera as opposed to my rather bulky (if awesome) apparatus. As a quick summary:

Places: Busch Gardens Tampa, Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios Theme Park, Harry Potter World!!!), Sea World, Fiber Art (yarn shop, duh), farmers market, the Refinery, Clearwater Beach, and Yuengling Brewery.

Things: Rain (lots), animals, water, ocean, wands, yarn, beads, candy(lots of that too), yummy food, movies, more food, snuggle, umbrellas, rides, castles, sangria, wine, beer, sleeping, dear friends, and yes there was lots of good food.

I am now back at work to crank out some hours, trying to make up a little bit of my play time. I could not have asked for better company, or a more full five days.