From MA to NY, an Adventure: Day 6

The final day of this adventure was a true delight. I had set up a meeting with my soon-to-be supervisor at the Stage. She will henceforth be known as PaintMaster. We started off our meeting in a cafe where we happily chatted for a couple hours. She is a perfectly delightful persona who gives off an energy that is both energetic and inviting. She proceeded to take me on a tour of the spaces that I will encounter in my job. During the tour, I met many others whom I will have the opportunity to see during my time at the Stage. I was floored by the beautiful theatre spaces as well as the generous paint shop. I have worked in a few paint shops in my short time in this field, and none has made my heart sing such as this place. Though offsite, the shop has ample working space, a spacious paint “kitchen” (place to mix paints), and a variety of tools readily available. I also happen to have my own desk…which is kind of nifty ;). The whole time, PaintMaster and I kept up a constant flow of conversation that only made me more excited to start working at this place. She showed me some elevations for the first shows we will be working on together and I practically squealed in anticipation. While I was reveling in the wonder of my future workplace, Handsome was exploring the city. He told me later of how he walked six miles through the city and a surrounding park. He read to me from pamphlets and brochures about the area as we made our way back to his domicile. All told, his scouting only served to bolster both of us about our soon-to-be-home.


At this point, I write to you with only a week between me and the beginning of the next phase of my life. I start at the Camp in Michigan at the beginning of June and that will consume my time almost right until I head to Syracuse. There is much to be done in preparation, but I find myself strangely calm in the midst of all the excitement. Tis time to fly again.  The Lord has always gone with me in my wanderings. However, at this juncture, He has graced me with another companion that does not weigh me down, but joins in the flight. Together, we may actually fly higher and farther than we could on our own. We’ll see ;).

From MA to NY, and Adventure: Day 5

Monday started early, and it truly was a most productive day. Handsome and I took our leave and we headed to Syracuse New York, the place where I have secured my work during the year. I suppose it should be said now that Handsome and I have decided to relocate together and thus we wanted to secure an apartment as soon as possible. My timeline is extremely cramped and with heading to Michigan for the summer we knew that we would not have much of an opportunity to find a place together. So, we decided to take a quick trip up there to scout the area for potential places where we might consider living. We had one place that we were scheduled to view upon our arrival. Turns out we found our apartment. The landlord showed us two floor plans and while both were serviceable, we went with the apartment that had hardwood flooring, two equal size bedrooms, and a kitchen that was so delightfully dated (the 60’s earth- tone tile -movement was not lost on this puppy). I was utterly charmed and Handsome liked the simplicity of the space and the low cost of living. The landlord was a fine fellow who was interested in being selective about his tenants (i.e. quiet) rather than turning a large profit. The rent is extremely fair, even with the cost of utilities, and he had no problem with pets (I am going to bring my cat from home!!!!). After the viewing, we took the time to drive around the neighborhood to make sure that there was no sketchiness to be seen. Once satisfied that the surrounding area did not seem to harbor the darker delights of urban living, we called the landlord and secured the apartment. Not only did we find a place, but Handsome secured a job interview for later in the summer (Since then he has secured two more interviews). We chose to celebrate by having dinner and drinks at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a local bar that had been suggested by numerous sources. The place did not disappoint. We stuffed our faces with a full rack of ribs and various sides. The beer was quite good, and we went back to the hotel in good spirits over all that had been accomplished that day.

From MA to NY, an Adventure: Days 3 and 4

Saturday found us all awake early for one reason or another, SexyHistorian went to work, I drove her, and Persephone went to the farmers market for the purpose of acquiring eggs. I was able to come back an sleep for a time, as was Persephone. When we awoke, we whiled away the day with some relaxing in the apartment mixed in with more walking about the town center. The evening was a lovely cinematic festival. The three of us gathered to watch Pan’s Labyrinth (utterly brilliant film that you should definitely see if you haven’t already) and Wreck it Ralph (please refer to the earlier parentheses, except insert “delightfully clever” for “brilliant”). During this veg, I learned how to crochet. Now, I have been knitting for years and while I definitely respect and admire crochet, I did not want anything badly enough to learn the craft. Well, SexyHistorian made the most incredible granny-square blankets ever ,which led me to remember a huge stock of small skeins in every color imaginable that’s within my possession. I had been trying to figure out what to do with this stock forever and suddenly an explosively colorful granny-square quilt seemed like a perfect idea. Thus, SexyHistorian patiently showed me how to make them. I am proud to say that I think I have the technique down well enough to suit my needs. A most productive movie veg indeed.

The next day, Handsome came to visit. He happens to love the area and he is on very good terms with both the ladies who hosted me. During the day myself, Persephone, and Handsome explored the Quabbin Reservoir (please refer to Outakes post below). We managed to have a lovely outing before the rain began in earnest. We returned with some Trader Joes goodness (blueberry goat cheese is going to be my new obsession), and all of us ate a most healthy meal. From there, Handsome and I joined SexyHistorian for a movie at her favorite haunt called Popcorn Noir. I had been to this place for trivia night, but Sunday was a better look at what the establishment normally presents. Just imagine an intimate space with comfy chairs, a large viewing screen, incredible snacks, and a penchant for playing fantastic movies. That night, I saw the original The Day the Earth Stood Still and I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. Usually old movies are fun to watch for being hoaky, but this movie was actually engrossing despite the time period in which it was made. I gorged on popcorn drizzled in chocolate, delicious beer, and churros of the most mouth-watering variety; all the while snuggled against Handsome who also enjoyed himself tremendously. Twas a fitting end to the Massachusetts portion of my journey. The next day, Handsome and I headed to New York.

From MA to NY, an Adventure: Day 2

My next day, Friday, found me pretty slothful during the day. Although it was pleasant outside, I found myself more in the mood to not leave the comfort of my pajamas. The evening was a very different story. The three of us got ourselves all pretty and we went out to North Hampton, specifically, the Tunnel Bar. I fear that the space was too dark for pictures, but I hope my description will suffice. The bar is, quite literally, an old tunnel. Walking in, you find yourself looking down the length of a windowless, creamy tiled, arching interior that just seems to keep flying backward. We found ourselves some oversized leather chairs in the very back and set to the business of drinking while sharing excellent conversation. The lighting was dim, but the martini that I had (Gone with the Wind) was a delicious mix of whiskey and peach that quite satisfied my sweet tooth without being overtly sugary. Persephone had a strange blue concoction called the Tarantula, while SexyHistorian settled for something that I think had Hibiscus in the name. I happily sipped my drink, truly more elated to be in the company of two of my favorite people, such as I had not been for far too long. As is wont to happen after a good drink, we were all viciously hungry. SexyHistorian pointed us to Local which specializes in supremely delicious junk/drunk food cuisine. I myself consumed a most unbelievably good burger known as the Juicy Lucy. Rather than the burger having the cheese on top, the cheese is cooked into the burger. Thus, the consumer is faced with gooey, dripping puddles of fat-filled cheesy glory throughout the entire experience. Persephone attacked a basket of fries with understandable abandon, and SexyHistorian had some chicken fingers. Overall, we were satiated in that way that you can only be after greasy deliciousness on the heels of a strong drink. We made our way back to the apartment, and promptly fell into our respective sleeping receptacles because we all had an early morning for Saturday.

From MA to NY, an Adventure: Day 1

Last week into early this week was a furious spin of beautiful and productive travel that has left me reeling. I chose to visit two of my very dear friends, Persephone and SexyHistorian (was formerly SexyLibrarian, but I just decided that the second portion of that pseudonym was slightly limited) , in Amherst Massachusetts. They currently are roommates, and both are pursuing their Masters degree at the same school within the consortium that exists in that area. I arrived later evening on Wednesday evening, and I enjoyed a rousing trivia night with SexyHistorian at one of her favorite haunts in East Hampton (I went to this place again during my stay, so I will describe the venue more fully in a later post). Thursday is where I shall begin…

Thursday found me driving SexyHistorian into work, which is located in the town center of Amherst. Persephone was off teaching for the day, and SexyHistorian be at work for a large chunk of the day as well. Originally, I planned on bumming around their apartment. However, once outside and in the town center, I could no more think of staying inside than I would consider kicking a kitten. The day was absolutely stunning, all molten-blue sky, sunshine, and a fine breeze blowing through the midst. SexyHistorian was kind enough to point me in the direction of an inexpensive cafe with outdoor seating, and then she whisked herself to work. I spent a couple hours consuming large amounts of tea, reading a very hefty historical romance, and knitting. Once bored with that, I began to traipse about the town center. For those who have never been to this area, tis a place one could fall in love with as quickly as it takes to blink. My love only grew the rest of my stay, but the first deep seed began to sprout on this day. The town is a glorious collection of historical and bohemian charm that left my face aching with smiles. I would walk about viewing a plethora of pleasing architecture and shop fronts, and then I would happen upon a green area where I could plant myself to read and otherwise enjoy being still. I was so enamored of my surroundings, I texted Persephone begging her to join me once she was out of school. She agreed, and my day was further enhance by her generous company as we walked about together. That evening, when we all were back in the apartment, it was decided that the next evening (Friday) we would all get prettied up and head out to bar for cocktails and general mayhem. Thus ended my first day.

Outakes (Quabbin Reservoir Excursion)

While I was staying with Persephone and Sexy Historian in Amherst, I had the opportunity to visit this fabulous gem. The Quabbin is a remarkably pretty place that has a lush variety of the outdoors to enjoy. Whether one prefers a rigorous hike in the deep woods, or a quiet stroll along paved trails overlooking the reservoir, this place provides enjoyment in equal measure for all the outdoor explorers who travel to her.

My first look over the reservoir

My first look over the reservoir

IMG_0622 IMG_0631

We happened upon this group and while I desired a closer shot, I decided not to risk flustering them.

We happened upon this group and while I desired a closer shot, I decided not to risk flustering them.


More Hooray!!

When last I wrote, it was a post about a new job. Well, I am afraid you are going to suffer a repeat of the same jubilation my fair reader. While the job out in Michigan is a fabulous gig for the summer, this blogger also has the distinct pleasure announcing a more permanent position that will be starting almost the moment she returns from her summer fun. I have accepted a position as the assistant scenic charge artist for an excellent theatre company in upstate New York. Henceforth, I will refer to that place of employment simply as The Stage. In the last post, I spoke of the duties of being a charge artist. As an assistant in a more permanent shop, it is basically my duty to keep the painting on schedule regardless of whether the charge artist can be present or not. My supervisor, the scenic charge artist, has to keep up a constant flow of meetings and scheduling along with overseeing the painting. Thus, it is my job to basically be there as her eyes when she is out of the shop for meetings or whatnot.

I wish I could fully express how unbelievably excited I am about this position. When I interviewed with the fabulous woman who is to be my direct supervisor (a proper pseudonym shall be assigned as soon as I meet her in person), I had a really good vibe about the position as well as my interviewer. Apparently my intuition was good, because she offered me the position on the spot.  I must admit that my heart almost burst out of my ribs with elation. This position is contracted, renewable, and is exactly what I was looking to do at this point in my career. This position means that I can move to a whole new area that looks like it will be an excellent match for myself (and someone who may hypothetically be joining me). Much as I am grateful for my living here, I am more than ready to fly onward. I see this job as an opportunity to park myself for a bit, and explore my craft in a more professional setting. I am beyond grateful to the Lord for giving me the patience and courage to seek out work that will provide me fulfillment and joy. This summer is going to be a whirlwind of awesome, and I am itching to dance in the gale.