Holy Goodness, happy 100!

Yes, this will indeed be my 100th post, is that absolutely insane or do I just think that? I started this blog as an impulse that I expected to peter out as I lost interest. However, here I am, one hundred posts later, and I am still enjoying the occasional forays into online cataloging of my current existence. I thought about doing something cool and super special, but then my fickle nature caused me to lost interest. So, aside from this introduction briefly nodding to my blogging centennial, I shall just proceed with a normal slice-of-life post.

An interesting turn of events today. I awakened early (well, early for a weekend), and felt quite alert and ready to tackle the coming hours. I showered, and then proceeded to gather laundry for a load. I went to gather the necessary cards for the doing of laundry (there are two; the access card to get me in the facility, then the money card that works the actual machine), and discovered that they were not in their usual spot. What started as a cursory look into other visible areas turned into a hunt through the most unlikely crannies of my small apartment (behind the stove is actually a lot cleaner than I would have supposed). After an hour of searching, I gave my cards up for lost and proceeded to problem- solve. You see, the leasing office is closed on Sundays, and with my work schedule, the earliest I would be able to acquire new plastic would be Wednesday. Considering the lack of certain necessary apparel, I went with a desperate plea to PNinja, who I knew had units in her domicile. She came to my rescue and readily agreed to let me do laundry at her place, and that was before I bribed her with a promise of picking up Taco Bell on the way. True friendship, I’m tellin ya. That settled, I cleaned, went to market with the ever-lovely ZeldaStark, and then went onwards to PNinja’s place with laundry and chicken quesadilla in hand. I basically had the best laundry day ever. I got to use a unit that only cost me a cheap food product, chill with good company, watch silly cartoons that made me chuckle, and play with a most adorable feline (I want a cat sooo bad!!!). Despite all that fun, the best part came when I was transferring laundry to the dryer. After carefully separating drip-dry, I looked back in the washer to see if I had missed anything. Turns out I had….my laundry cards. Doesn’t matter that I turned that laundry basket inside out looking for them. Nope, I apparently was meant to hang out with my friend today, and experience feeling super pretty all at the same time. Happy 100 posts of random-so-awesome-everyday-living-as-a-fresh-adult!

Me Maintenance

Today was a most pleasant and beauteous continuation of the “me” maintenance that began yesterday evening. I am a firm believer in “me” parties, where I just take the opportunity to spend some time on my own actively pursuing a balance of relaxation and productivity (certainly with a hair more preference towards the relaxation ;). Granted I am slightly inclined to introversion, so it makes sense that I find my recharge in time spent in the excellent company of me, myself, and I. Mayhaps this makes me appear selfish, but without allotting this alone-time, I tend to get overwhelmed which tends to make me grumpy towards other people. While I need high-level of stimulation in my work, consistently being around others for the majority of the week does tax me somewhat (thankfully the overall awesomeness of my coworkers keeps it from being more). Thus, I take my moments and make no apologies. How were these moments spent this last evening and a day? Well….

-Knitting: Of course I would be knitting. This is one of the few personal activities that I can enjoy socially as well as privately. When in private, I happily knit away to podcasts and movies, curled tight into the couch with a cup of tea in hand. Podcasts, movies, and tea-drinking can be lumped into this category.

-Hair Cut: Yes, this is a lovely part of maintaining my overall health. The Hair Enchantress (from here shall be shortened to Enchantress), not only did a lovely job on taming the mane, but she also offered to stay late next week in order to get in a color job before I leave for my Thankmas romp. Hurrayyyyy!!!!!

-Errands: Doesn’t sound that fun, but they included food and a stop at the library so I am all kinds of happy.

-Digital Portfolio: The main point of productivity, I am slowly trying to bring this bad boy into existence. In order to apply for many of the jobs I will eventually want, I need to be able to send an organized electronic version of the physical portfolio that I already own. Hence, a huge amount of time spent in Power Point trying to create a presentation of my work that pleases me just as much as my physical rendition. Labor intensive, but so worth it once I finish.

– Sketching Outside: I have discovered that natural sunlight is my favorite light to work in for sketching, particularly using a color medium. Also, today was a stunning mix of cool and blue skies wrapped in fluffy sun-cover. So, I toddled off to Lettuce Lake, chatted with Persephone for a bit, then sketched away for a time. I am not necessarily drawing the scenery immediately surrounding me, but I take a great deal of energy and inspiration from my surroundings that allows me to truly focus on my work. Hoping to get out there again tomorrow for another session.

I know, my life is so exciting you can barely stand the one you’re living, but in case you need some other reasons to be jealous of me…


Uh- huh, apparently going for months without this did not serve to dull my liking for its delicious presence in my refrigerator. Don’t worry Dad, I am not eating all of it raw :/


See this hammer? Looks like a tiny, somewhat girly contraption only suited for a few miniscule projects. But wait a moment….


Keep going…


And another…


Still not there….


Yeah, I am a sucker for clever things. Andddd, considering I work in a mainly male-dominant field, the pink damask serves as a deterrent for accidentally absconding with my tool. I win.

I Swear I’m Here

I make no excuses, I only say that my life has events arranged in such a way that blogging as consistently as I once did is proving quite a challenge. However, here are a few new things in my life that I either love or completely detest at this point.

Love: Cigar City Brewing Company I mentioned them in the post before the giant voting sticker, and I am still totally in love. I am extremely fond of beer, and to have a fantastic (and affordable) local brewery in my area makes me absolutely giddy.

And an excellent logo to boot!

Detest: Gold/Metallic Paint Not exactly new, but it has been present in my life more often in this short time period than previously. For anyone who thinks gold paint is awesome, I must believe that you have not worked with the substance. At first, everything is cool and sparkly. Then….it makes a stupidly obvious mess everywhere that cannot be remedied by begging, pleading, or even a full bottle of GoJO. No longer cool, but still annoyingly sparkly.

Love: Dragonvale I first heard about this game on the CogKnitive podcast from the wonderful and fabulous Dr. Gemma. In her segment “Something I Really Like,” she waxed poetic on the wonders of this game. I listened to her happy exaltations and then promptly forgot them. Then, my dear Handsome was talking about online games last night, and I had the idiotic impulse (you know, the ones that come late at night when you’re tired and your guard is lower than usual) to download this free app. Very. Poor/best/bad/wonderful. Decision. The premise is simple; one buys dragon eggs, hatches them, and then formats an island for said dragons to live upon while doing all kinds of fun things in the interim. Kind of like farmville, just with dragons that are way too cute for comfort. It is simply unfair how nifty this game is, and I am not going to admit how many times I fed my dragons today during my shift.

Too Much Adorable!

Detest: Zep Lubricant No, this is not the fun kind. This is the gak you use to keep the parts on an outdoor stage from rusting together. Extremely effective product, not exactly nice to use. Looks like a bodily fluid, smells like gasoline and contact cement, and it will eat through anything it touches (including skin). Only had to use this briefly, and twas enough for a few lifetimes to be sure. Felt quite terrible for SuperLady who had to use it for miles of chain…ickyyyyy.

Love: Banana Bread Herculine got me hooked on the cake, and now ZeldaStark has become my supplier of the bread. Seriously, every time we go to market, she shows up with a tin-foil-wrapped treasure that smacks of homemade wonder and sunshine. The bread is always moist and perfect. A delightful treat to get me through the week until she comes round again.


See? I promise I am still having adventures in living a life, and I promise to update thee as much as possible. And besides, the longer I go without writing, the more I will have to tell you. An excellent scenario, don’t you think?

My Weekend, Quite Perfect

This weekend rocked all kinds of socks, shoes, and other various attire that could be said to do so. Handsome arrived Thursday, and Friday was spent meandering around Lettuce Lake. We stopped at one end of the boardwalk, and I happily sketched away while he took the opportunity to nap. We met a lovely gentleman who was a fellow artist, and we happily passed some time chatting with him about various stuff. Then, we went home and proceeded to prepare for a costume party at Super Lady’s domicile. Sweet Shooter was kind enough to drive, and I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome the party was for me. Normally, I don’t do well in large groups of people, and a good portion of the people at this event were unknown to me. However, a perfect party is had when everyone is friendly and drunk in the enjoyable fashion, and that was exactly how this one ran. I had lovely conversation, enjoyed some Yuengling, and did quite well in a game of giant Jenga. Quite an excellent evening to be sure

The next day, Saturday, Handsome and I decided to go back to Lettuce Lake and rent a canoe for the afternoon. A totally perfect idea. The river was calm, and we saw many a beauteous bird and tree as we made our way. I have a deep fondness for canoeing, ever since my camp days. For a time, I was even certified by the Red Cross in canoeing (yeah, certification for everything these days). I learned most of my skills from a canoe trip I took through the Adirondack State Park. I was 17, and it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I had not canoed since, but getting back into one on Saturday settled my heart in a strange and glorious fashion. I easily remembered the strokes to steer the vessel with little trouble, and I got to again enjoy the feeling of slicing through that water as though it were a silk curtain. I managed to get some lovely pictures of the trip.


20121104-220306.jpg20121104-220328.jpg20121104-220343.jpg20121104-220403.jpg20121104-220428.jpg20121104-220428.jpg20121104-220455.jpg20121104-220511.jpgToday was a fitting end to a fabulous weekend. We went to market, and then headed off to The Refinery for brunch. If I have not gushed about this restaurant, or even if I have, I simply must do so now/again. This is my favorite place to eat in all of Tampa, because it is a most unbelievable combination of everything I want in a restaurant. Local produce, interesting menu options, gourmet cooking, excellent drink menu, and surprisingly affordable. I went to brunch with the Gentleman once before, and I have not gone for brunch since. Today was just as unfairly delicious as I remember.


20121104-220618.jpgAfter stuffing ourselves senseless, Handsome suggested we go take a tour of the Cigar City Brewing Brewery. He had toured there last time he was in town while I was at work, and he was adamant that I would enjoy the experience. He was completely correct (which is not out of the ordinary). Though a very small brewery, Cigar City Brewing is a world renown brewery with seven beers in the list of the top 50 beers in the world (note that no other single brewery, let alone a micro brewery, can claim that many). Our tour was $5, and we were immediately given a pint glass, which we got to keep, and then taken into the small brewery attached to the tasting room. We got to fill our glasses with our beer of choice at the beginning of the tour. Handsome and I went for a dark called Maduro, and what a spectacular choice. The beer was smooth and rich, quite a delightful brew. I never thought I would be one to enjoy beer, but ever since I discovered the rich variety of flavor that one can experience within this beverage, I simply can’t get enough. The tour was concise and informative, and we then wandered back into the crowded tasting room. Handsome and I expressed how much we enjoyed the Maduro, and our tour guide insisted we try the Vanilla Maduro. I cannot even begin to describe how scrumptious this beer’s flavor is, even having had a fair number of different varieties in my short life. The fullness of the vanilla is a perfect accent to the richness already in the beer. Handsome and I were so taken, we bought a growler before we finished our pints. Top all this off with a charming conversation with a couple at the bar, and the time spent at the brewery was a worthwhile experience. Such a great weekend!