Stress Relief?

My day yesterday was so full of awesome shenanigans, I hardly know where to start. PNinja and I were supposed to just chill out, watch Hot Sets, and chow on salsa. Then, the fateful conversation that decided the course of my day.

Yup, I chose to go shooting. Now, I do not condone violence, and guns have always made me wary. However, I decided to go for a few reasons.

1. Totally new experience,  which often means that one should strongly consider carefully before refusal.
2. If I am ever in a situation, God forbid, where a gun is present in a less than friendly manner, then I want to know more than just fear. I want to know exactly what it is I am facing, and I can’t know fully without ever having fired one.
3. A chance to hang out with some excellent people who really find this stress relieving and therefore do it well and often. I could trust them to keep us safe, and there could be much fun on top of it.
Hobey ho! I went to shoot some stuff


All the lovelies laid out in a row. The top is Sweet Shooter’s special favorite, which he fondly calls his “Russian Hand Cannon.” (The name is extremely appropriate. The thing is loud, vibrates everything within a good 20ft radius, and spits a huge shot of flame.)


Just comparing different stuff.


More comparison


Sweet Shooter with the ’22 he started myself and Super Lady (the other novice) out on to get us used to the feeling of shooting.


Basically, this gun has absolutely no kick and is easy to aim with a scope. Remember that itty bitty bullet you saw earlier? It’s the ammo that went into this gun. I did hit a target on my first shot 🙂


PNinja is basically in a quandary over which one to shoot next. She is practiced in this activity so she was all over the adventure.


So, with this gun….


I shot this bottle. It was one of two full of water, and Sweet Shooter loaded the gun with a type of bullet that basically expands after entry, meaning it obliterates the object on the exit. We were going to take turns trying to hit them with only one shot per turn, and I went first. I hit this bad boy, and managed to clip the label off the other.


But, the day belonged to the paint ninjas, because PNinja got the second bottle.


If I had to choose, I preferred this little guy. Though he but little, he is a ’45 that packs a wicked punch.


Yes, I do indeed feel a little badass when I see this picture.


The coworker who let us shoot on his property, Fog Master, was kind enough to whip up a most hardy meal before we went on our way. Ahhh, perfection.

Let me be completely clear with you dear reader. There were no living things harmed in this outing aside from the grass that might have been mowed when a bullet struck the dirt. All the seasoned veterans present were very adamant about safety and were very aware of their surroundings. Though we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, there was never any horseplay with a loaded weapon facing a person. Even the unloaded pieces were treated as if they were loaded. Though I will not pretend I am a complete advocate of gun ownership, I do have a stronger respect and understanding for them as machines, and I can see how going out and shooting Christmas decorations with varying levels of firepower could be stress relieving. The day continued to be awesome, but save that for another post 😉


4 comments on “Stress Relief?

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    oh! I envy you. I wish to try shooting, too. How’s the gun recoil? I’m afraid I might be the one hurt when I try it.

    • I was actually afraid of the same thing, but I promise that it’s a lot less painful than you think. You want to make sure you go with someone who really knows what they are doing, and start with something small (like the 22, it’s the one that I pictured that has the scope on top). I worked my way up to larger stuff, and as long as I held the machine properly, I was completely unhurt. To be honest, I actually enjoyed the recoil on the bigger stuff, made me appreciate the power more.

  2. Persephone says:

    I especially like the screenshot. KIDDING. I like the part where you look badass 🙂

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