What a lovely weekend

This weekend has been one of those rare times where every day has been beautiful in its simplicity and surprises. Back when I was working at the Park, I wrote more about the simpler aspects of my life and I think I should get back to doing some of that. Here is my awesome weekend at home.

Friday was the surprise beginning. Due to situations beyond our control, the Guru and I decided to head out early and just rearrange our hours in the coming week. Thus, I had a half day on Friday. Handsome and I decided to go out for dinner and we happened to be craving Mexican. I had heard of a spot called Alto Cinco, so we headed for there. Aside from the stupidly long wait due to their tiny dining area (supposedly they are expanding soon) the food was completely worth the wait. The dishes were executed with simplicity and truly incredible flavor. Plus the beer selection found Handsome and myself quite happy. I then closed the night with a long overdue phone chat with the lovely Persephone which often puts me in good spirits.

The morning started off with another wondrous surprise. If you read the previous post, you know that I just recently finished a scenic design for a show. Well, Saturday morning, I opened my facebook to a message from someone I did not know. The message came with a link and a simple “thought you would want to read this.” Turns out the link was to a review of the show in DCMetro Theatre Arts and that review happened to have a whole paragraph of positive words about my set!!!! This is my first review and to have my work so clearly understood and celebrated nearly made me cry. Upon reading the entire piece I was also happy to see that the writer was very balanced in her opinions. She did not inflate everything with flattery, nor did she tear the production apart with nastiness. She dealt with the production fairly and with intelligence. I am deeply moved that she found my work effective.

Armed with that star of warmth, Handsome and I went off to run errands. Errands are excellent fun when they include the Army Surplus Store (yay new work drab and a Mussette bag to replace my broken backpack), the farmers market (delicious and cost effective), and Target (new shoes for both). The day was kind of icky, so I convinced Handsome to go see Disney’s Frozen. Although I did not think the music was as stellar as usual, the animation was absolutely stunning and the story heart warming. The theater was in a huge mall and upon our exit Handsome suggested we go into the Apple Store. I was hesitant at first, because although I’m in the market for a new computer, I have not saved up quite enough. Such a state can make me grumpy in the Apple Store because I just want my new stuff now!! Still, Handsome cajoled, persuading me that looking at machines now rather than later would help me do a better cost analysis. Upon entering, I was greeted by a fellow coworker from the Stage. I knew he worked at the Store, but I did not know he would be working that day. Turns out I gathered a lot of excellent information from both him and the lovely young lady he was training. I am a person who uses her technology into the ground. Thus, good information about a future purchase (especially when that information is about excellent discounts) is as precious to me as the item itself. We ended that day with an egg and lemon soup that was surprisingly delicious and a light compliment to the previous evening’s gorging.

Today, a simple and productive day. Went to another church (cross your fingers, we’re gonna try it a few more times) and spent the rest of the day cleaning and restoring the apartment to pre-Christmas look. Do you want to know the best part of the day? Handsome and I cuddling under a blanket and dozing on and off for a few hours. In fact, this weekend was mainly wonderful because Handsome and I got so much time together after a long stint of being separated/only being together for a day or two/seeing each other in between craziness etc. I love him, I love living with him, and this weekend was everything and more because we got it completely to ourselves.


Alright ladies and gentlefigs, this blogger now officially has a most splendid job to occupy her summer. Though it is only eight weeks of work, I cannot begin to express how excited I am to have work that is within my field and at an institution that has an excellent reputation. I am going to be acting as the Scenic Charge Artist for a summer arts camp out in Michigan. Basically, I could not have asked for a better fit. Not only do I get to be in a supervisory/management position that will further my experience within my field, but I also get the chance to work with passionate students who are spending their summer making awesome theatre. What exactly is a charge artist? Well, the title basically encompasses anything that has to do with any/all paintwork within a theatrical production/s.

In a theatrical production, there is usually a scenic designer (*please note that in a great number of situations, the designer can also act as charge artist, but we are going with an ideal template here), and the scenic designer imagines the physical world of the show (i.e. anything not costumes, lighting, or props. Again, people often cross-pollinate in the design world). They take their imaginings and create drawings based on a series of understood specifications so that the people responsible for actually making their ideas a reality (known as the production team) can firmly grasp the ideas of the designer in order to properly execute them onstage. For the charge artist, this means looking at a series of artworks called paint elevations, which are small paintings that are proportionate renderings of what the designer wishes the final paint treatments to look like onstage. From these elevations, along with extensive questioning of the designer, the charge artist must translate that small picture to full scale scenery for the stage. The charge artist must consider everything from ordering supplies, to mixing colors that perfectly match the elevation, to scheduling out when every piece will get painted based on the schedule of the carpenters actually building the scenery, to the actual techniques needed to accomplish the paint treatments. Mainly, a charge artist is an interpreter. An elevation is not just something that one can copy line for line and expect the desired result. One has to really listen to the designer, and determine how best to communicate that designers vision through the paintwork presented on stage.

My previous job was certainly not terrible, but part of the reason I did not return for another season was because my heart truly lies with painting and design for the theatre. Eventually, I want to be a full fledged scenic designer, and starting out working in charge artist positions is certainly an excellent way to begin laying the foundations for that castle. The Park allowed for painting opportunities, but not on a consistent enough basis to truly bring me joy. With this summer job, I get the chance to challenge myself within my work because it will be my first time acting as a titled supervisor within my desired job title. Such a chance is truly a gift, and on top of that the camp sounds like a really excellent atmosphere that encourages actually having fun in the process of making theatre. Not to say that the schedule won’t be rigorous, and the quality expectation is quite high. However, I am ready to meet that schedule and expectation, and I only pray that I can be a valuable asset to this team of wonderful artists. And plus I GET TO GO PLAY IN A GLORIOUSLY PRETTY PART OF MICHIGAN!!!

Holy Goodness, happy 100!

Yes, this will indeed be my 100th post, is that absolutely insane or do I just think that? I started this blog as an impulse that I expected to peter out as I lost interest. However, here I am, one hundred posts later, and I am still enjoying the occasional forays into online cataloging of my current existence. I thought about doing something cool and super special, but then my fickle nature caused me to lost interest. So, aside from this introduction briefly nodding to my blogging centennial, I shall just proceed with a normal slice-of-life post.

An interesting turn of events today. I awakened early (well, early for a weekend), and felt quite alert and ready to tackle the coming hours. I showered, and then proceeded to gather laundry for a load. I went to gather the necessary cards for the doing of laundry (there are two; the access card to get me in the facility, then the money card that works the actual machine), and discovered that they were not in their usual spot. What started as a cursory look into other visible areas turned into a hunt through the most unlikely crannies of my small apartment (behind the stove is actually a lot cleaner than I would have supposed). After an hour of searching, I gave my cards up for lost and proceeded to problem- solve. You see, the leasing office is closed on Sundays, and with my work schedule, the earliest I would be able to acquire new plastic would be Wednesday. Considering the lack of certain necessary apparel, I went with a desperate plea to PNinja, who I knew had units in her domicile. She came to my rescue and readily agreed to let me do laundry at her place, and that was before I bribed her with a promise of picking up Taco Bell on the way. True friendship, I’m tellin ya. That settled, I cleaned, went to market with the ever-lovely ZeldaStark, and then went onwards to PNinja’s place with laundry and chicken quesadilla in hand. I basically had the best laundry day ever. I got to use a unit that only cost me a cheap food product, chill with good company, watch silly cartoons that made me chuckle, and play with a most adorable feline (I want a cat sooo bad!!!). Despite all that fun, the best part came when I was transferring laundry to the dryer. After carefully separating drip-dry, I looked back in the washer to see if I had missed anything. Turns out I had….my laundry cards. Doesn’t matter that I turned that laundry basket inside out looking for them. Nope, I apparently was meant to hang out with my friend today, and experience feeling super pretty all at the same time. Happy 100 posts of random-so-awesome-everyday-living-as-a-fresh-adult!

So Excited!

I am beyond completely excited for next week. First of all, looks like this panda is getting shifted in her workplace to do something she enjoys. (Not to say I have not been enjoying my job up to this point, but you will understand my meaning as I explain further). I was approached by Big Man 1 this past week, and he asked if I would be interested in working with the group of people currently putting together the haunted houses for the halloween event. The basic idea is that I would act as an assist for paint restoration and adjustments that need to happen in the houses before the event actually gets geared up. Big Man 1 told me that he thought I might be a good fit and set me up with an interview with the artistic director and head of scenic for the event. The day of the interview proved rather entertaining considering Big Man 1 neglected to mention that I should bring in my portfolio, which resulted in a mad dash back to the apartment to acquire it. The interview itself went very well, and supposedly I start playing with these nightmare fabricators on Monday. I am itching to get back to even a little bit of paintwork, so I am practically giddy with the prospect of this opportunity. While I am freaking out with joy over that prospect, I am also steeling myself for Sunday where I get to work 6PM-3AM in order to strike one of the shows here. I honestly don’t mind the nightwork, Lord knows I pulled enough all-nighters in college to be used to such hours. Still, tis going to make a long Monday considering that I am also coming in later that day. In spite of all, the thing that is most keeping me going is the end of next week. Both Wonder Woman and Handsome are coming to visit, and I am practically bubbling over with how much I can’t wait to see them. I have met wonderful people here, but I definitely sorely miss the lovelings I have left scattered over this coast. Knowing that two of those lovelings are going to be here is enough to spread a grin full across my face every time I remember the fact. All I need to do is just get through some more days at work, which is looking even brighter than usual, and then I can have some stolen moments with people I love.

A Mary Poppins Day (Practically Perfect in Every Way)

Yesterday was a riot of anxiety, but today made up for it in the smallest and largest ways. A big way was knitting tonight. I joined ZeldaStark, freshly de-tonsiled, and Baloo who, although he does not knit, was kind enough to drive us. The evening was that pleasant mix of tea and knitting among fantastic people that lifts one’s spirit like few other combinations. Work today, while again exhausting, also proved satisfying with a few lovely surprises (the main event for me being the red velvet cheesecake that Goofy magically procured for us during lunch). However, a huge portion of my happy surprises came from people in the WordBridge company, or something related to the experience. First, I got to talk in depth about my WordBridge experience with one of the rather important higher-ups in my department (coincidentally the one who called me with the official offer). He asked what I had done in the weeks prior to arriving at the park, and I just got to happily explain about WordBridge. Later, I received emails from two of the company members who hold strong places in my heart. One I had been anticipating somewhat, but the other was a completely exciting surprise. Both brought a huge windswept joy to my heart , and then the final awesome occurred. A very dear friend of mine, who I will call WonderWoman, gave me a call today. She is a friend I made in school, and she also happened to be a vital part of the Lab so her call fit in with the WordBridge theme. Wouldn’t you know, by the end of the conversation we had arranged for her to come visit me later in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, another very special guest will be arriving at the exact same time :). Thus, my head explodes with the goodness that came with this day.

DOA (4)(Please look to previous posts for 1-3)

So, this little love is the first lorikeet I encountered. This begins the highlight of my day. There is a portion of the park where you can actually go into an aviary with a bunch of these birds flying all around you. For a fee, you can get a little cup of lory nectar….

And feed the birds directly. Andddd, if you are lucky, and very patient…..

One of the prettiest in the aviary will land on you and feed right off your hand 🙂