An Unexpectedly Lovely Morning

A good day must begin with a good morning. I tend to awaken well before I need to be somewhere because I like to have time to gather myself. This morning, I rose a little earlier than usual. That small amount of time allowed me to be slightly productive before cajoling Handsome out of his slumber. As we finished breakfast, distant thunder grumbled. I could feel myself wilt slightly because I don’t like thunderstorms. Rumbles and groans are fine, but the sudden sharp cracks that make the world feel like it’s splitting are not my favorite. As I looked at the sky dubiously, Handsome grabbed a blanket and we wrapped ourselves together. Cuddling me tight, he also distracted me by talking about distant dreams. Whispering of travel and things that we are hoping to do in the near future. The window was open, the air crisp for summer, only inviting me to burrow closer to my mate. Even when the storm tapered off, he nuzzled deeper into the snuggle as I turned on a podcast. I spent the rest of the my time before work intermittently knitting and scratching his head.  Such simplicity, but tastes of honey and joy fill my mouth just thinking on it. A lovely morning, and I am blessed.


The Fullest Day Yet

In preparation for the crazy week to come, this day decided to be super awesome and productive on a social, crafting, cleaning, and administrative level. The day began with a swim through the pouring rain to start my laundry. While that was in process, I worked to finish my glorious basket (this will appear in a post very soon to follow). The lovely ZeldaStark arrived and we flew to the farmer’s market. Our baskets were all the rage, and received many compliments. We cheerfully gathered our produce and moved on to the next errand. I asked to stop at Target, and ZeldaStark happened upon a fantastic shirt for herself while we were there. While I did find an adorable plaid that I enjoyed, I opted not to purchase  for the sake of keeping the $20. Afterward, we headed back to ZeldaStark’s abode for delicious homemade chocolate mousse (this woman is flippin awesome!) and to convert empty bottles into glassware (again, will be a post soon to follow). We concluded our time together on the couch knitting, watching British comedy, and I contently snuggling with her cat. Upon my return, I made myself a delicious grilled avocado sandwich with cheese (thank you Persephone!), and then proceeded to clean like a madwoman. To finish all this fabulousness, I typed up the punch list for this week for work so that I wouldn’t constantly be flipping through my rather flimsy notebook. I am glad to say that there were certainly enough hours in this day, and I am one happy panda.