The “Short” Version

Perhaps we shall just put down the short version of life for a moment.

Things That Made This Week Awesome

– My Colleagues: Yes it is true, sometimes the Lord hears the prayers that only our hearts speak. I am blessed to have people like PNinja and Ren Man around. While work was definitely a bit of a marathon to make up for the lost day on Monday, there is an excellent rhythm among the three of us. PNinja and I are not only talented and good looking, but we also work really we together in the midst of creepy places that can potentially undo one. Ren Man is a person who has so much knowledge and experience, yet he is probably one of the most chill people I have ever encountered, which is a quality that allows PNinja and myself to explore without fear that we are going to mess up the project. I know the both of us are going to miss him terribly when he flies away at the end of this upcoming week, but I know that I am extremely glad that I got a chance to work with such an individual.

-Phone Conversations: Indeed, I had the opportunity to speak to lovelings that I have been desperately missing. Today, I spoke to SexyLibrarian, who is a friend I have known since the very beginning of high school. She and I were in a summer program together, and I must say at first we were not fans of each other. I felt that she was an invasive snot, and she had a bias against my Care Bear tee shirt. Needless to say, such silliness was soon swallowed by a friendship that is nothing if not interesting. In the midst of the week, I spoke to Emrys. Now, this guy holds the record for putting up with me as a friend for the longest amount of time (the title goes both ways, just so you know). We met in 6th grade, and let’s just say I was not the incredibly mature and gracious young woman I am today.  He invaded my space (rather obnoxiously I might add), and I slapped him across the face (***Please note, this blogger does not endorse violence. However, there were multiple factors that contributed to her violent tendencies towards the male sex when she was younger and thus would beg the reader not to judge her to harshly****). After that event, our friendship blossomed, and we are knit so closely in our experiences and responses to those experiences that it’s almost uncanny. Finally, Persephone and I had a lovely chat somewhere in the beginning of my week. Persephone is a spritely pixie stick of a lady, and we met in my junior year of high school. I happened upon her eating cheerios in one of our school’s theatres, and I asked to join her. From that conversation, we discovered kindred spirits in almost every form and fashion. Though they are not right next to me here, such people still contribute a huge amount of love and joy to my existence.

-Knit Group: Always a light in the week 🙂

-Today: What did I do? PNinja and I had only a few hours of work, parted company to run some errands, and then rejoined at her domicile where we proceeded to veg out on television and stovetop popcorn. As someone who does not own a TV, it is a rare and special thing to join someone in the watching. We watched Faceoff, Thor, and Day Breakers, conversing the whole time. Another tech from work joined us for Day Breakers, then I bid them farewell so they could enjoy some video games.

What I Am Looking Forward To

– Farmer’s Market: Tomorrow, ZeldaStark and I hit the farmer’s market with our new baskets for some yummy produce. I do dearly miss her during the week, and it seems that this Sunday market business may become a thing to do together, so my heart is very glad.

-Another Phone Conversation: This time with Handsome, who is definitely super fun to converse with on any occasion. Perhaps that back story will come another time 😉

– New Travel Mug: Bought it today because my other one is nasty. Yay Busch Gardens employee store!!!

-Haircut: With color this time, let’s hope it goes as well as the last visit.

– World of Beer in Awesome Company: So, there is this magical place I have heard tell of that has hundreds of beers on tap. Take this magical place, and throw a friend who I have not seen since WordBridge into the mix, and you have one very excited panda over here!!

Now that I have certainly made up for my days of not posting, (remember, that’s the short version), adieu dear reader, may active peace follow you.



Dream Spinning

The day itself is proving to be fairly quiet, although I did get a chance to talk to one of my dear friends,Newsqueen, on the phone which completely warmed my life all over (and hopefully a chat with Persephone on the morrow!). However, I have been receiving many subtle urges to think a little more beyond this day. First of all, I awakened to a message that another blogger liked one of my posts. After looking over her blog,, I was utterly enchanted by all of her adventures. Add to this the fact that I listened to a wonderful podcast, Cogknitive, and the fabulous Dr. Gemma’s strategy of the episode spoke directly to my heartstrings. Basically, the strategy was to live as if you are not afraid. She spent a great deal of time talking about a fellow podcaster’s son who is going to hike the Colorado trail, and that he had taken the time to plan the expedition well so that he could do it without fear. She encouraged me, and all her listeners, to dream of doing the sorts of things that might make us appear a little crazy. Not to dream in an impulsive manner, but to really plan and think with an endpoint so that our castles may some day have foundations in reality. Both these media, podcast and blog, began to gently push my mind into one of my own dream castles that currently sits in a fragile place in the heavens. I am so young, just a baby really. When else am I going to have the time and the lack of responsibilities to pursue the things I admire in the clouds? Already I can feel myself getting tangled in the quagmire of the adult world, and it sings very sweetly that I should just relax in the swamp where I am and just build from that. No. No. No. I refuse that song for now. I will concede the battles I must, and surrender what is necessary to survive here. However, I want to dream, and I want to dream with conviction and an active pursuit of making those phantasms a reality. My mind has already started the planning, but it is too fragile to write about the specifics now. I need to sit on it for a while, let it hatch, feed it in the tempestuous stages, and then, only when it is ready, jump on its back to fly away. Castles and gryphons, such is the stuff I imagine my dreams are spun from.