Immediately Happy

Work right now is hectic as things begin and end all over the place before they really are ready for either state of being. Despite the frustrations, I am so immediately full of happiness I am just riding on the air current until it is time to dive again. First, I just had a hair appointment. I know, I know, way to be a female who contributes to the stereotype. However, I care very little stereotypes, and the joy I feel from my hair is an expression of my inner identity using the limitations of my current physical shell. I enjoy taking care with my appearance because I am a creature who inherently wishes she could change the way she looks depending on the day. One day, an aqua mohawk, silver dragon wings sprouting from my back, sapphire eyes, and tattoos running all over. Another day, fire engine red hair falling well to the ground, sunflower yellow butterfly wings, molten irises, and skin that glows like an ember. Other days create such appearances that I would have a hard time describing through the medium of words. Alas, such changes to my appearance are not currently possible in this world, thus I make do with a haircut that allows me to see at least a glimmer of how I truly see myself. I am thankful that I found The Edge Salon, because getting a new person to cut my hair after nine years with the same stylist is a terrifying prospect, especially when the haircut is not exactly typical. My new stylist is an absolute delight, and though I do miss my other friend terribly, I am still really glad to find a place that can maintain my hair. I got it freshly colored tonight, which was an extra delight. The fine lady doing my hair created a subtle melted blend of autumn and chocolate, and I am absolutely content. As for my other happiness, I just feel beyond blessed in my current relationships. Though one in particular is highlighting this fact at present, I am just in awe of the fact that I know so many glorious people who enrich my life every day just with the knowledge that they allow me to be a presence in their lives. Though I consider the Lord to be the only One I can call a firm foundation, the people that He has allowed into my life have been a constant reminder of the love that follows me to any place I may wander. I love. I am loved. I fly.