Kentucky Journey Part 2: Good Food, Good Company

My journey did allow for some time to enjoy myself. What better thing to do on such a trip than to have excellent food in even more excellent company? So, starting from the beginning….

If you go back a couple posts, you will encounter a whopping helping of chicken and waffles. Handsome found this tiny little hole-in-the-wall called Hammerheads that served this monstrosity, and holy mercy was that dish one of the best things I have ever tasted. I could not do it more than once a year, but once I dug into the thing with my bare hands as my only utensil….let’s just say I was lost. In terms of the next wonderful meal, it starts with the fact that a portion of my former professors were at the conference. While I certainly enjoyed seeing all of them, one professor (who will henceforth be known as the Alchemist) was someone whom I shared a strong relationship as a colleague, professor, and friend. When I discovered he was at the conference, I immediately contacted him. After a series of texts, we agreed to go to dinner on Friday night. I told him I would be accompanied by Handsome, and with that said I eagerly awaited that evening.

We had decided to do Ethiopian food, because rumor had it there was a particularly good restaurant near the hotel. I will be completely transparent with you and say that my palette is extremely limited, particularly when it comes to ethnically based foods ( in my mind that means things like Indian, Thai, Afghan etc.) It breaks my heart, because when I taste such food, I can tell it is really delicious. The problem is that the taste is just not jiving with my personal buds. The usual culprit? Hot spices. Yup, I have the same tolerance to spiciness that a seagull has to Alka-Seltzer (supposedly seagulls explode from the inside out when you give them this fizzy product). Despite my misgivings, I knew Handsome and the Alchemist would enjoy it, and I usually always try all types of food regardless if I think I will like it or not. Thus, I found myself in a tiny Ethiopian restaurant called Addi’s Grill in excellent company. The man who ran the place also took our order, and after many apologies for the wait (apparently he was not used to the amount of customers that an influx of theatre-people can provide), he recommended that I get the vegetarian dish as it would be the least likely to burn my mouth off. I gratefully agreed, and this was what was given me

20130315-184549.jpgYah dude, I was a little speechless. That bread type substance is called injera, and it was kind of a cross between a flatbread and a pancake for me. You break off pieces of the injera and use it to scoop/grab various things on top of the even bigger piece of injera underneath. What I will say of the meal is that I really enjoyed how you have to eat it with your hands. Again, I could tell the food was good, and while I did eat a generous portion of my meal, I do not think I will be seeking Ethiopian food again outside of rare occasions. As for the company, I could not have picked two better gentleman to hang out with for the evening. Not only did I have the distinct pleasure of sharing a meal with two people I know, but I also introduced two kindred souls. We were having such a good time that (naturally since we are all beer lovers) we went out to a local brewery that the Alchemist had visited the previous evening. My heart was warmed not only by the excellent drink (suggested by the Alchemist, I got a beer that also had mead mixed in, which is probably one of the best things ever!), and the fact the Handsome and the Alchemist were clearly getting on as if they had been friends since college. The evening ended on an excellent note, with a suggestion from the Alchemist on where we should go for brunch the next morning.

We decided to take the Alchemist’s suggestion, and mercy alive we were not disappointed! What do you get when you combine a kitchy atmosphere,


scrumptious brunch food…..20130315-192307.jpg


and the most sensuous tea I have ever encountered?


why, that would be this place 🙂


Hillbilly Tea, is a most lovely place, and I truly wished I could have gone more than once. I did purchase two of their excellent teas to enjoy from my own loose lease infuser, and both have proved most fitting choices for my tea tastes.

That’s that then. Truly a most glorious collection of experiences indeed.


Thank you Mr. President

Okay, now onward with actual events rather than sentimental drift wood. I had “coffee” with the president of the park this morning who I am just going to simply call Mr. President from here onward. First of all, my small party managed to arrive late because we were told the wrong location by accident. I decided to be my own silly self and bring along my entire TMTK*, which evoked a few chortles including from Mr. President. Once we were all settled, Mr. President began by introducing himself and telling his story. Then, he went around the room and had us give introductions. He was very considerate to talk to each person individually as we went, even though there were quite a few people there (my party was only a fraction of the number of employees present). I ended up introducing myself first, and I think I flabbergasted everyone in the room when I told them that I had never been to the park before acquiring the job. After intros, we moved onward into the meat of the gathering, which was to offer suggestions about park improvement or questions that we needed to ask. I do not wish to bore you dear reader with the specifics of what was said, but I will be so bold as to tell you that I myself offered a suggestion that was very kindly received. Mr. President listened to everyone with equal ear, and I definitely felt that he handled all that was thrown at him with politeness and tact. As for the rest of the day, more time in Christmas land. I had a fine dinner this evening, and a surprise visit from the friend I met at the pool, who I have taken to thinking of as the Nifty Neighbor. She and I had a lovely chat, and we are doing a cook night on the morrow which I am totally excited for because Lord knows I am cooking way too much food to eat on my own. Aside from the fact that I think I lost a rather dear electronic (we will know for sure tomorrow), today was a pretty good day.


*Tea-Making Tool Kit which includes the following: self-heating kettle(bestthingever!), loose leaf tea tin (Youth Berry and Orange Blossom was my choice today), honey (Dutch Clover from Cape May. Usually I use my Bee Folks Cranberry Honey for this particular tea, but considering that is a 6 lb. jar, I decided against transporting it), honey dipper, tea infuser (awesome little gizmo), and mug (today I brought my Towson University mug).