Busy, busy, busy

I wondered if being settled into an area would make life boring, but the exact opposite is proving true. This month is insanely packed with socializing and adventures. Last weekend, Handsome and I were hosts to my friend Herculine and her boyfriend (who also happens to be one of my college friends) Smiler. Though only a brief time, we made the most of its every second. We brought them to market and then we went on a hike at Buttermilk Falls, which is a most glorious climb. Handsome and the Smiler went ahead while Herculine and I made our way slowly, encountering faeries and many a deep energy in the water-rushing canyon. Sitting on the edge of the water at one point, I was again struck with awe at the depth of nature’s power and how that power is deep song that the Lord sings into my veins with abandon. I felt simultaneously still and running with all my strength so that I might fly. I was with a friend who I muchly love, in the midst of gorgeous rock-water wood, and I could Hear the Song so close to my ribs I could ache. We wound our way through, enjoying all that was around us, discussing faeries in hushed tones and touching all that we could get our hands; be it rock, water, tree or mud, we felt and drifted.  Walking down, we had to stretch our legs out long and stiffly like fancy gentleman, and holding a single hand aloft as though we were carrying parasols of fancier ladies. Twas the only way one could go down the steep stairs with any measure of grace don’t ya know 😉 That evening, we all made cookies and drank until we were pleasantly giggling into our cookie ice-cream sundaes.

The next day dawned absolutely gorgeous. I chose to go to church while Handsome took our guests to Green Lake Park. I am glad that I went because I am enamored of the sermons and the energy of the place. Though it is a tiny little church with narry another person my age, I find a deep peace when I am there. Plus, as I said, the sermons are instructive, simply delivered, and beautifully crafted. In my faith, I find that I am drawn to places that are more concerned with the intricacies of the God that we serve rather than evangelistic tactics. As far as I am concerned, if I am taking time to go to church, then I don’t want to spend that time listening to why I need to keep taking that time out. I have already made that decision, thus I would rather learn more about how to deepen my relationship with God. Unsolicited tangent, but tis just my personal feeling on the matter. I arrived home before the rest of my party and I took the time to enjoy the sun and the glorious weather. Later that day, Herculine, Smiler, and I went to see a show at the Stage. This is the first show of the season and Herculine’s cousin is in the cast. I was familiar with the script and I was curious to see the show (plus, it is the first show in which I had direct painterly involvement here). Although the piece was three hours long, I was delighted to discover that the actors are brilliant. They did not miss a beat and they managed to keep the energy of the dialogue constant. The set and technical effects were wonderful, and the costumes were absolutely drool-worthy. It is rare to see a production so cohesive and I feel humbled that I had a hand in realizing that cohesion.

As for what is to come, right now I am in the midst of visiting my dear sibling. She has possession of the rest of my artwork, and I had to deliver her an original work from my own hand. Thus, here I am, alone for the moment while she works. The view out her window is dappled with autumn, sun, and tree branches. I must admit, it’s nice to have a day fully to myself. Next week, Handsome’s mother comes to visit, then the next week brings WonderWoman and a trip into the City to see Sleep No More. Busy? Just how I like it :).

Perhaps Robin’s Relation

Either I mistake your shape and making quite, or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite…

I think a Puck-like pixie has been following me, and the creature is certainly bent on minor misfortunes. In the last two days, I have:

…had my water bottle (my favorite that I received as swag from Wolf Trap) run over by a twelve passenger cargo van. Miraculously the thing is still functional, only dented in such a way to give it “character.”

…gotten hit full in the face. Truly an accident and no harm done, but suffice it to say that both myself and the other party involved felt quite sheepish and silly after the incident.

…had a large cup of soda spilled all over my general vicinity…coincidentally by the same person responsible for the previously mentioned incidents (do not be fooled, faeries totally befuddle individuals on occasion to distract you from the true source, which is of course their own fickle selves.)

…gotten attacked by a wayward ladder. Ridiculous occurrence caused by a strong wind blowing over a ladder that would have otherwise been quite harmless considering I was standing so far from it. However, the day was again full of boisterous gusts, and the ladder fell quite suddenly, only giving me enough time to shift slightly so that my shoulder caught the blow rather than my head. Painful, but ultimately not serious.

Some blame bad luck. I blame pixies.

Thou speak’st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night


(Qts. A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare)

Out takes (dollar store win!)

So, you know how most dollar stores should actually be called, “Starting at $1”? Well, the one down the street from me actually has everything priced at a dollar. I grabbed this one frame to see if it would fit these beautiful prints I acquired on my last birthday. Guess who is totally going back to pick up more frames later this week 🙂