Doing Well Here

Tis strange to think that I have been here for almost a month. Summer has always moved strangely for me. Every day seems long and labor intensive, only to suddenly find myself at the end of a week wondering how it snuck past me. In this month, I have painted an entire set (and not a simple color and a wash so please you), explored glorious places, and made connections with people whom I can only call it  blessing to know. Helena (formerly known as Lady Twin, but Helena suits her much better) and I were down by the waterfront this evening, chatting about books as the wind blew incessantly across the water. I knitted away happily as we talked and I could only languish in how happy I truly am right now. Not the happiness that is characteristic of  the circumstances of the moment, but rather truly well. True wellness is a strong desire of mine, something that comes from a well of joy that lives in the heart regardless of what life offers. There is a hymn called “It is Well With my Soul.” A song penned in the 1800’s by someone who had been hit with immense tragedy, the piece still captures the core of what I strive to achieve in the pursuit of this life. Particularly, the first verse:

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to know,a
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

*a Often this lyric is “say” rather than “know,” but I rather appreciate this version.

Whether I be at peace as I was this evening, or frazzled by the various tasks thrown at me in a given day, or truly aching from pain that attacks me from past loss, I fight to maintain the wellness of my soul. It is days such as I have been having, surrounded by glorious natural beauty, engaging work, and genuine people that remind me why I have such joy. Such things I am blessed with, and I can never thank Him enough for those things. It is, indeed, well with my soul.

Often on this blog, I talk about the simple things that bring me joy. I mean, there are definitely larger events that I have discuss that certainly bring great excitement to my life, but I find a deep pleasure in the the things that I find consistently allow a smile in my heart. My fair Reader, my life is definitely not always beautiful. Often times it is fairly mundane,downright frustrating, and, sometimes, deeply troubling to me. I rarely share the details of that reality, unless in a glancing manner that helps me further emphasize my brighter point. The reason is not to hide from those facts. My reason is because I refuse to use this venue for the spreading of things that threaten to poison our world. There are deeply troubling things about being in existence, especially as a creature that has the capacity to understand such deeper cruelties. However, those cruelties are slammed into our awareness every day, and not with an intention of keeping the public awake and enlightened. My intention is not to pretend such things do not exist. My intention is to maintain that there is beauty, happiness, and fullness to be had in this world. In order to do that, I choose to write about the things that are examples of that fullness. Writing for that purpose not only allows me to chronicle what is actually important in my life, but also to keep tenuously pieced together my general sanity in the midst of this extremely broken world in which I live. I use this place to remember, and I choose to remember that which is Light.