Outakes (Handsome is truly the best)

My boyfriend is seriously too good to me. We finally exchanged Christmas gifts, and he could not have chosen better.



For those who don’t know what these pictures signify, you are looking at a knitter’s dream needle set. These are ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeables which are basically the Lamborghini of interchangeable knitting needles. Rejoice with me, my man is the best.

My Weekend, Quite Perfect

This weekend rocked all kinds of socks, shoes, and other various attire that could be said to do so. Handsome arrived Thursday, and Friday was spent meandering around Lettuce Lake. We stopped at one end of the boardwalk, and I happily sketched away while he took the opportunity to nap. We met a lovely gentleman who was a fellow artist, and we happily passed some time chatting with him about various stuff. Then, we went home and proceeded to prepare for a costume party at Super Lady’s domicile. Sweet Shooter was kind enough to drive, and I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome the party was for me. Normally, I don’t do well in large groups of people, and a good portion of the people at this event were unknown to me. However, a perfect party is had when everyone is friendly and drunk in the enjoyable fashion, and that was exactly how this one ran. I had lovely conversation, enjoyed some Yuengling, and did quite well in a game of giant Jenga. Quite an excellent evening to be sure

The next day, Saturday, Handsome and I decided to go back to Lettuce Lake and rent a canoe for the afternoon. A totally perfect idea. The river was calm, and we saw many a beauteous bird and tree as we made our way. I have a deep fondness for canoeing, ever since my camp days. For a time, I was even certified by the Red Cross in canoeing (yeah, certification for everything these days). I learned most of my skills from a canoe trip I took through the Adirondack State Park. I was 17, and it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I had not canoed since, but getting back into one on Saturday settled my heart in a strange and glorious fashion. I easily remembered the strokes to steer the vessel with little trouble, and I got to again enjoy the feeling of slicing through that water as though it were a silk curtain. I managed to get some lovely pictures of the trip.


20121104-220306.jpg20121104-220328.jpg20121104-220343.jpg20121104-220403.jpg20121104-220428.jpg20121104-220428.jpg20121104-220455.jpg20121104-220511.jpgToday was a fitting end to a fabulous weekend. We went to market, and then headed off to The Refinery for brunch. If I have not gushed about this restaurant, or even if I have, I simply must do so now/again. This is my favorite place to eat in all of Tampa, because it is a most unbelievable combination of everything I want in a restaurant. Local produce, interesting menu options, gourmet cooking, excellent drink menu, and surprisingly affordable. I went to brunch with the Gentleman once before, and I have not gone for brunch since. Today was just as unfairly delicious as I remember.


20121104-220618.jpgAfter stuffing ourselves senseless, Handsome suggested we go take a tour of the Cigar City Brewing Brewery. He had toured there last time he was in town while I was at work, and he was adamant that I would enjoy the experience. He was completely correct (which is not out of the ordinary). Though a very small brewery, Cigar City Brewing is a world renown brewery with seven beers in the list of the top 50 beers in the world (note that no other single brewery, let alone a micro brewery, can claim that many). Our tour was $5, and we were immediately given a pint glass, which we got to keep, and then taken into the small brewery attached to the tasting room. We got to fill our glasses with our beer of choice at the beginning of the tour. Handsome and I went for a dark called Maduro, and what a spectacular choice. The beer was smooth and rich, quite a delightful brew. I never thought I would be one to enjoy beer, but ever since I discovered the rich variety of flavor that one can experience within this beverage, I simply can’t get enough. The tour was concise and informative, and we then wandered back into the crowded tasting room. Handsome and I expressed how much we enjoyed the Maduro, and our tour guide insisted we try the Vanilla Maduro. I cannot even begin to describe how scrumptious this beer’s flavor is, even having had a fair number of different varieties in my short life. The fullness of the vanilla is a perfect accent to the richness already in the beer. Handsome and I were so taken, we bought a growler before we finished our pints. Top all this off with a charming conversation with a couple at the bar, and the time spent at the brewery was a worthwhile experience. Such a great weekend!














Outakes (A Lovely Weekend)

Handsome came to visit, and we had a lovely time traipsing about. First, the Dali Museum.




This museum holds the largest collection of Dali’s works in the United States. The architecture of the building is supremely whimsical, and the staircase in the pictures above is a signature part of the museum’s appearance. I could not take photos in the galleries where the work is displayed, but suffice it to say I was blown backwards and sideways by much of what I saw.




Another fun thing about the museum is that it has lovely photo opportunities. The first set is of the third floor gallery looking out into the garden and the marina beyond. The second is in front of a foam sculpture out in the garden that includes sculptures and a labyrinth.

Seeing as how we were in the area, we decided to stop by the beach. Twas a perfect day for it, with perfectly flat water and the weather cooperating right until we left.



What better way to top off an excellent weekend than a trip to the farmers market? We joined ZeldaStark for the trip, and she basically flipped out at the sight of some pumpkins that were sitting on display. My basket this week included the usual fare, with the addition of champagne mangos and kiwi. Could not have asked for a better time.

Immediately Happy

Work right now is hectic as things begin and end all over the place before they really are ready for either state of being. Despite the frustrations, I am so immediately full of happiness I am just riding on the air current until it is time to dive again. First, I just had a hair appointment. I know, I know, way to be a female who contributes to the stereotype. However, I care very little stereotypes, and the joy I feel from my hair is an expression of my inner identity using the limitations of my current physical shell. I enjoy taking care with my appearance because I am a creature who inherently wishes she could change the way she looks depending on the day. One day, an aqua mohawk, silver dragon wings sprouting from my back, sapphire eyes, and tattoos running all over. Another day, fire engine red hair falling well to the ground, sunflower yellow butterfly wings, molten irises, and skin that glows like an ember. Other days create such appearances that I would have a hard time describing through the medium of words. Alas, such changes to my appearance are not currently possible in this world, thus I make do with a haircut that allows me to see at least a glimmer of how I truly see myself. I am thankful that I found The Edge Salon, because getting a new person to cut my hair after nine years with the same stylist is a terrifying prospect, especially when the haircut is not exactly typical. My new stylist is an absolute delight, and though I do miss my other friend terribly, I am still really glad to find a place that can maintain my hair. I got it freshly colored tonight, which was an extra delight. The fine lady doing my hair created a subtle melted blend of autumn and chocolate, and I am absolutely content. As for my other happiness, I just feel beyond blessed in my current relationships. Though one in particular is highlighting this fact at present, I am just in awe of the fact that I know so many glorious people who enrich my life every day just with the knowledge that they allow me to be a presence in their lives. Though I consider the Lord to be the only One I can call a firm foundation, the people that He has allowed into my life have been a constant reminder of the love that follows me to any place I may wander. I love. I am loved. I fly.

The “Short” Version

Perhaps we shall just put down the short version of life for a moment.

Things That Made This Week Awesome

– My Colleagues: Yes it is true, sometimes the Lord hears the prayers that only our hearts speak. I am blessed to have people like PNinja and Ren Man around. While work was definitely a bit of a marathon to make up for the lost day on Monday, there is an excellent rhythm among the three of us. PNinja and I are not only talented and good looking, but we also work really we together in the midst of creepy places that can potentially undo one. Ren Man is a person who has so much knowledge and experience, yet he is probably one of the most chill people I have ever encountered, which is a quality that allows PNinja and myself to explore without fear that we are going to mess up the project. I know the both of us are going to miss him terribly when he flies away at the end of this upcoming week, but I know that I am extremely glad that I got a chance to work with such an individual.

-Phone Conversations: Indeed, I had the opportunity to speak to lovelings that I have been desperately missing. Today, I spoke to SexyLibrarian, who is a friend I have known since the very beginning of high school. She and I were in a summer program together, and I must say at first we were not fans of each other. I felt that she was an invasive snot, and she had a bias against my Care Bear tee shirt. Needless to say, such silliness was soon swallowed by a friendship that is nothing if not interesting. In the midst of the week, I spoke to Emrys. Now, this guy holds the record for putting up with me as a friend for the longest amount of time (the title goes both ways, just so you know). We met in 6th grade, and let’s just say I was not the incredibly mature and gracious young woman I am today. Β He invaded my space (rather obnoxiously I might add), and I slapped him across the face (***Please note, this blogger does not endorse violence. However, there were multiple factors that contributed to her violent tendencies towards the male sex when she was younger and thus would beg the reader not to judge her to harshly****). After that event, our friendship blossomed, and we are knit so closely in our experiences and responses to those experiences that it’s almost uncanny. Finally, Persephone and I had a lovely chat somewhere in the beginning of my week. Persephone is a spritely pixie stick of a lady, and we met in my junior year of high school. I happened upon her eating cheerios in one of our school’s theatres, and I asked to join her. From that conversation, we discovered kindred spirits in almost every form and fashion. Though they are not right next to me here, such people still contribute a huge amount of love and joy to my existence.

-Knit Group: Always a light in the week πŸ™‚

-Today: What did I do? PNinja and I had only a few hours of work, parted company to run some errands, and then rejoined at her domicile where we proceeded to veg out on television and stovetop popcorn. As someone who does not own a TV, it is a rare and special thing to join someone in the watching. We watched Faceoff, Thor, and Day Breakers, conversing the whole time. Another tech from work joined us for Day Breakers, then I bid them farewell so they could enjoy some video games.

What I Am Looking Forward To

– Farmer’s Market: Tomorrow, ZeldaStark and I hit the farmer’s market with our new baskets for some yummy produce. I do dearly miss her during the week, and it seems that this Sunday market business may become a thing to do together, so my heart is very glad.

-Another Phone Conversation: This time with Handsome, who is definitely super fun to converse with on any occasion. Perhaps that back story will come another time πŸ˜‰

– New Travel Mug: Bought it today because my other one is nasty. Yay Busch Gardens employee store!!!

-Haircut: With color this time, let’s hope it goes as well as the last visit.

– World of Beer in Awesome Company: So, there is this magical place I have heard tell of that has hundreds of beers on tap. Take this magical place, and throw a friend who I have not seen since WordBridge into the mix, and you have one very excited panda over here!!

Now that I have certainly made up for my days of not posting, (remember, that’s the short version), adieu dear reader, may active peace follow you.


Evening Adventures on the DOA

The pictures in the previous posts all beautifully depict my daytime activities, but my night was just as wonderful. After perusing the park in the morning, I bid my coworkers adieu and I promptly went home to nap for a bit. Once I was conscious again, it wasn’t long before She-Wolf kindly came to whisk me back to the park. First, we went to see Iceplorations, which is a combination of ice-dancing, awesome puppets, and live animals. I am a fan of anything sparkly with awesome ice-skating so I was completely enthralled. Plus, that is the show that She-Wolf works on so I got to hear all the little tidbits that made my technician’s heart go pitter patter. The only thing that made me slightly sad was that my mom couldn’t be there to see it because she would have loved the show just as much as myself. From there, we went to Kinetix, which is a concert/light show/ acrobatic/ fireworks display. Again, lots of sparkle, and people performing awesome physical feats. I can only describe it as pure fun. A truly magnificent way to end the day.