All the Things (as usual)

It’s been too long. Things shuddered to an oozing slow and then rubberbanded back into warp before I even thought about it. I have officially finished my first season at the Stage. My contract will renew in a couple months, but life did not proceed as I thought it would. I was supposed to have May to myself to travel and then I would toddle off to my summer job content with my adventures. Well, I am looking at some very different adventures.
First, my initial trip to see some fair faces in Maryland was kyboshed by incredible car trouble. Thankfully, the trouble happened before I started my journey, but by the time the issue was fixed, by time to go to MD was nixed. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. However, that time was not idly spent. A fine friend of mine turned me on to a climbing gym in the area. I used to climb all the time in my senior year of college and I have sorely missed the exercise. I nudged Handsome to go and (as I suspected he would) he fell in love with the activity. So, since I had some extra days on my hands we went climbing together. If you would allow some gushing then I simply I must do so about rock climbing. It is an activity that challenges every physical and mental capacity one can think to challenge. Tis a playful puzzle that demands you grit your teeth and fight for its solution. The fact that Handsome enjoys it as much as I do makes the climbing all the sweeter.
After the car got fixed, I was planning on continuing my travel plans and in a sense I have. I am writing from the fair Cape May, where my father and I have opened up the mobile home for the season. Even though I am going to be in Jersey for a few days, I am not heading onward but rather back to Syracuse. I managed to get some overhire work that I am genuinely excited to start. The gig is only for a couple of weeks, but I get to help paint big pretty backdrops! Drop painting is a skill that I have wanted to build up and this theatre has a reputation for quality work. I get to help them meet their deadline and I get an excellent work experience from them. Plus, can’t hurt to make some income in the only month where I didn’t have a job lined up. Although I am giving up a portion of my travel, I can still go see the Raven and hopefully the Sexy Librarian before I toddle off to West VA for my original summer job. Here”s to the usual (and mostly futile) hope that I can post soon…before I have another forever post like this one at least 😉

Ten Things I Discovered/Learned Since I Last Wrote

It has truly been a ridiculously long time since I last wrote here, but life spiraled in a dizzying display of color and sudden collision of activity that did not inspire the proper energy for writing. I will eventually relate the adventures, but for now I feel inclined to give a taste of those adventures through newly acquired knowledge (be it of myself, or just knowledge of a general topic).

1. I really like wine. I used to consider myself strongly a beer person, but now I understand that I was just approaching the grape-based distant cousin all wrong. Turns out I am in some fabulous wine country and I am surrounded by local vineyards with a plethora of wineries attached. I have only sampled a few, but suffice it to say I am extremely impressed with my sampling. I still dearly enjoy beer, but wine has now subtly shifted into a similar placement on my enjoyment scale.

2. You can tint gloss sealer to be fun colors while still maintaining its transparency. I know, I know, try to contain your excitement. The reason this is fun will become apparent once I can post pictures of the show I am currently working on (and almost have completed hallelujah!!)

3. I learned to set in sleeves on a knitted sweater. May not sound like much, but it is a new technique that I was avoiding because I was afraid that I would:

a.) Make a terrible mess of the thing.

b.) Find it really boring and tedious, thus shoving the gorgeous garment even further into my bag in the hopes that the dark recesses would convince the garment to mutate to include the offending sleeve caps

Thankfully, neither scenario occurred thanks to this video. Knitpicks is a godsend I swear it’s true. I actually really enjoyed the process and I am now galloping off towards a complete cardigan that is so pretty I can barely wait to traipse about in all its turquoise glory.

4. If you are in a shop that sells various jams and jellies, be very careful grabbing what looks like a stuffed animal bear. It may actually be a covert jar cozy housing a 12 ounce jar of jam that may then, jostled by your careless bear -grabbing, go tumbling off the counter and shatter into a bajillion pieces.

5. When drinking tea, one should actually slurp it loudly and with abandon so that the drink hits every single portion of the tongue, thus releasing all the flavor that was intended to be experienced in the blend.

6. Night air shows are really freakin spectacular. Seriously.

7. The reason the water in Lake Michigan is so clear is because of an invasive species called the zebra mussel . Even though the clear water is super beautiful, apparently these boogers cause a great deal of grief.

8. I am still a capable swimmer even when slightly intoxicated. (Don’t worry, I did not learn this while swimming alone.)

9. The Seal of the President of the United States is a giraffe and a half of ridiculous to recreate from scratch.

10. Michigan wins the award for best summer weather ever. The hottest it ever gets is 90 and I can only count on one hand the number of times it has gotten that hot since I arrived in June. Last year this time I was a puddle of Florida goo. Now I still need a sweatshirt on some July mornings 🙂

Stick with me guys, I swear fun pictures and stories are on the horizon.

New Friends!

Tis been a while since I posted mainly because this past week was a bucket of insanity that I did not anticipate. The rest of the summer staff arrived in the shop, including my assistant who will henceforth be known as Columbia. Turns out Columbia is not exactly what I was ready for in an assistant, but I am determined to approach this development with a positive attitude (mainly because a crappy disposition is generally less fun and does not get the work accomplished any more efficiently.) I was also faced with an intense painting project that required a great deal of focus and precision…and then multiply that project threefold. There was much staying late and hand cramping involved. However, I am really very happy because I have discovered some wondrous new friends. The two ladies of whom I am particularly fond are BearGirl and Lady Twin. BearGirl earns her name because of her dogged determination to see a bear this summer and Lady Twin is basically exactly like me only not. Together, we had many adventures, including a three mile hike through the Dunes where I went nuts over various wildflowers and we startled a young deer still in its spotted glory. Lady Twin has been keeping me sane on my various late nights and we sat out yesterday evening, enjoying the giant moon over the waterfront. While the crew I have been working with has been lovely, most already had established relationships with each other due to years of bonding. Thus, it’s nice for me to have a few people who are also new and are eager to establish new connections. We work hard, we take care of each other, and we have a damn good time being total sarcastic jerks when the situation calls for it (or not, let’s be honest). Life is brilliant.

Travels and Fickle Blogging

I started this blog to keep people apprised of my adventures, and here I have been going like a whirlwind with so little writing. It’s difficult to transfer events when so many of them have been out of necessity and therefore lose some of the adventurousness. However, when I actually look at the time since I left Florida, my head spins a little bit. To summarize:


– I moved from Florida to New Jersey (1,112 mi.)

– I was in Baltimore for Super Bowl weekend

– I experienced tunneling out after a major snowstorm in CT

– I went to the Smokies for a week with Handsome and had a most glorious time.

– I met with a very dear and long time friend in Philadelphia.

– I got to meet some beautiful horses, and enjoy the duties accompanying their care.

-I went to a huge theatre conference in Kentucky where I interviewed out my ears, and I enjoyed delicious food in excellent company.

All these places I drove to, (with Handsome often traveling along, sharing the driving time thank goodness) which is a lot of time spent in a car within the last month or so. All this travel in such a short span of time has left me breathless, not to say a little disoriented.  Many people get restless in the car, but I find it to be soothing for the most part (we discovered that 15 hours in one day seems to be the absolute limit). The car is a private universe, where no one can tell you to change the music, or insist that you pay attention to anything save the subtle orchestra of the road outside your windows. Sure, the complete inadequacy of every other driver’s capabilities can be quite vexing, but ultimately, you rarely have to fear as long as your attention is consistent.

Digression about vehicle travel aside, I have decided to try being less of a fickle blogger. I have much to share, and thus I will do so. The posts will start backwards, from the promised pictures of the beautiful cabin Handsome and I stayed within that week in the Smokies, followed by a brief recap of my meeting with Mr. Heat Miser in Phili, and then details of the conference in Kentucky. I fear I cannot ever promise consistency dear reader, seeing as my nature is fickle at best. But, I will promise to continue as long as the writing persists.

Hey, What a Way to Spend a Day

Had a most fabulous and beauteous day. Started simply enough, with a trek to the laundry room and a bagel breakfast. Then, I had the pleasure of talking to my dear boyfriend Handsome. Considering that he is a bit of a distance from me, phone conversations are extra delightful and I happily whiled away the time at the expense of getting my laundry out on time. As I headed to go take care of that problem, I spied my neighbor’s cat Josie. She is a lovely feline that I have admired many a day, and I have been slowly building an eye-contact relationship with her over the weeks. Wouldn’t you know that today she decides not only to have a conversation with me, but she also sidles right up to me to be properly stroked and loved. I truly do not understand people who don’t enjoy animals. I mean, bad prior experiences aside, how can you honestly be ambivalent towards a fuzzy creature happily snuggling into your hand, and rolling on the ground in a delightful fashion to make sure you account for every possible scratch spot. Laundry be damned, I chose to take a couple minutes to enjoy the kitty love. After I finally tore myself away and managed to get my somewhat smelly laundry back in process, I received a visit from ZeldaStark. She was gracious enough to chill with me until my laundry was complete, and then we were off on many adventures. We first hit the yarn shop. Historic day, I walked out without any yarn. Yes, ladies and gentlefigs, it is true, and you should consider starting your preparations for the apocalypse. I went in for a very small purchase of beads for my next project, and that I fear will be my last “fun” material purchase for a long time. I am in a place financially where I really want to actually save my money, and wouldn’t you know that the main “material” draws on my will power (yarn, books, and Etsy purchases) are all things that I am actually quite sufficient on for the time being. I may allow something yummy once a month, but even that is contingent on everything else demanding my adult attention (and my adult paychecks). From the yarn shop, we made a foray into the House of Sadness (my name for WalMart) so ZeldaStark could make a minor purchase herself. My quarrel with WalMart need only be expressed through my closed wallet so I just steeled myself, focused on my excellent company, and pretended we were just passing through an ogre’s lair and would be through shortly. Then, the purpose of our trip, the farmer’s market. The previous post should be enough to give you an idea of how well that excursion went. ZeldaStark also pointed out that we should embellish our baskets so that the kind cashiers would not continue to think we were purchasing the woven receptacles every time we checked out. A brilliant notion, and though I have every intention of beginning the work tonight, I cannot reveal my plans (or the result) until next we go to market because I suggested we surprise each other. Bidding her farewell, I happily commenced cleaning my apartment, which took a long time because I kept stopping to dance to the music I was listening to at the time. I find that the last two days have smeared a smile all over my face, and now I go to take care of the last few bits of administrative business. Perhaps after that, I will begin embellishing a basket :).