Random Confessions

Life continues simply. I mean, I think of a thousand things that I can write, then I read some YA fiction and realize that half of what I would write would sound like some of the more abysmal work in that genre. So, I have thus decided to post a random set of confessions:

– #1: I do really love Young Adult Fiction.

Yes, my dear readers it is true. I actively read such work even though I am probably well past the age where it should appeal to me. For many people, this is not really an earth shattering confession. After all, lots of people read these books who are not of the target audience. However, I contend that while many will take in a YA novel once its been popularized in film, or because they want to pre read for the sake of offspring/students, the bunch that I fly with actively seek out such books purely because they enjoy the genre. I grew up devouring all sorts of books, but that secretly immediate world of the YA novel (mainly fantasy based) was my most favored of the tomes. I confess, they are still among my top choices when searching for things to read.

– #2: I am extremely judgmental.

Again, not much of a confession right? Well…it’s really pointed judgement. Like, unchecked, unrestrained, and utterly without mercy judgement. Try balancing that with an overabundance of empathy and you have an arrogance that practically makes me gag at myself. I meet a person and within thirty seconds I have already decided whether they deserve to be alive or not and how I will maintain a deeper understanding of their flaws as a whole human being because I am so abundantly blessed with insight and discernment. Yeah…the double use of ellipses in this paragraph should clue you into how much I find this aspect about myself utterly ridiculous (and gag-worthy, the judgement, not the empathy). Being a hypocrite also comes with this trait. I happily judge others, but I freak out and cry when it’s returned on me. Again, Ridiculous, thy name is (author of this blog).

-#3: I have an almost obsessive need for routine.

This coming from the girl who moved three times within the last three years? It’s true. There are certain routines that I crave and will protect with a vengeance. The most consistent? My morning routine. I develop a variation of morning rituals everywhere I go, but they become a mediation that soothes me almost as much as a hug. When I have a morning appointment, the anxiety of my interrupted morning will screw with my sleep the night before. I’ve managed to not allow a screwy morning to make me a grump all day, but I have explicitly disobeyed rules and regulations for the sake of keeping my tea and yoga intact in the morning. It’s a control thing and I am fully aware of that fact.

My final confession is that I just felt a desire to share some random things tonight. I’ve grown to really enjoy the small, but lovely audience that gives this blog a look-through on occasion. I wanted to share with you and so I did. I hope you found this post to be something other than repulsive and I give you a big thank you for keeping up with these words for this long.


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