Fall. Last year, I did not have a true Fall. Florida is not one for changing out of her green trappings for the sake of the brighter fire of seasons. Last year, Handsome sent me Fall in an envelope. This year, I am in the midst of a most gorgeous area for this season. I drove to see my sister this weekend and despite the absolutely heinous traffic I hit, I was content to the bottom of my feet. The drive down 81 through NY, for those who have never taken it, is straight out of an idealized American postcard. Farmland lays itself out like blanket patches, and the mountains roll with the deep blushes of the season. Fall is a feast for someone like me. I don’t know if I have mentioned my synesthesia, but I have the ability to cross my senses. Tis mostly a matter of taste and sound. I smell something and immediately there is noise and music. The same occurs when I see something. The colors sit in my mouth and vibrate my ears. Truthfully, I think  more people understand sense-crossing than they admit. How can you look at tree that is so achingly saffron and not taste it all the way into the back of your throat? How does one touch a falling leaf and not hear its music? I know I know, go ahead and play “Colors of the Wind” and shake your head at my stunning originality 😉 Tis no matter, it’s a really good song (and for the record, that song in particular tastes like banana nut). Fall has a taste and a sound too much for me to try and delineate into words. But I don’t need to, do I? You know. You know what I mean and I am grateful that you do.


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