Cats and Fresh Paint

I am shocked that it has been a month already since moving here. Life continues to be grand, although the spout of random humidity coupled with the heat have served me a dose of crankiness to be sure. Many a lovely thing has occurred. The job continues to go well (and by well I mean so totally perfect for me that I am humbled). Beyond work being a joy, a new joy has come into my current living space. Yes, ladies and gentlefigs, I finally have my cat with me. Kiki is a 9 year old of mixed breeding and she is truly a most excellent feline. Though she is an older cat, she still has the look and disposition of a kitten. She chose me as her human a long time ago and it has torn at my heart to not have her around constantly the last few years. Now, I am finally in a situation where I could be a responsible owner who could take care of her properly. I was scared that she would make the car ride hell, but she was actually rather mild. Then, I worried that she would be super-squirrelly because of being in a totally new place, but (again) my fears were mislaid. She has settled in beautifully. She has taken to being stupidly cute at every opportunity. My favorite new ritual involves waking up to my alarm, turning on my side, and within moments she is on the bed curled perfectly into my side for ten minutes of snuggling (as well as relating all of her nighttime adventures.) For those who don’t get the whole adorable-fuzzy thing, I apologize for not giving you a disclaimer before the entry.


Another lovely thing is that my room has been painted!!! I am not going to put up pictures just yet, because I am waiting until I get my shelving and artwork all squared away. Suffice it to say, my room upon arrival was reminiscent of a clinical situation, or perhaps the inside of a less than interesting booger. My room now is the most cheerful shades of creamy yellow (colors are called Spun Honey and Butterscotch Cream). I chose to make three of the four walls one color (Honey) and then go with an oh-so-slightly deeper shade for the fourth wall (Butterscotch). I originally thought of a bolder accent wall, but I felt more drawn to subtle depth in the midst of the cheer rather than a shout of color. Twas a good thing too, considering Handsome and I ran out of that deeper color and I had to go in and blend it with the main color around the edges. Huzzah for being a painter! Handsome truly was a trooper and we were able to complete the room in one evening. I cannot begin to tell you how much better it is to sit inside such a sunny hovel. I also sometimes feel like I am inside a stick of butter, but that only serves to make me smile wider considering how much I enjoy that particular food item. We are hoping to complete the living room soon and I promise yummy pictures on that front. Hopefully I will write again soon fair readers.



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