Happiness and Eeyore

I never considered the possibility of being consistently happy. I consider joy to be a thing to strive for consistently, but happiness has always been a most fickle lady. Sometimes she deigns to grace me with her presence and then she is off to grace another. I don’t complain because I don’t need to be happy all the time. My life is a plethora of texture and that touch would not be possible if I only wanted happiness. When I was little, I really loved Eeyore best of all the Winnie- the- Pooh characters even though my disposition is closer to Tigger. The reason I love that gloomy little donkey is because he was okay being subdued in the midst of all the peppy optimism. He also did not let that gloominess, nor that dratted butterfly, deter him from attempting to construct his house. I believe strongly in feeling what I am feeling regardless of whether it is cheer or gloom. However, right now, here, in this moment, I rather think that little butterfly has landed on my dwelling not to bring a sad collapse. Instead, I think it is bringing a touch of consistent brightness. I welcome the wings.


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