Best life

I have been in Syracuse for three weeks. I have been at my new job for three weeks. I have been living with Handsome for three weeks. The glorious part is that all three realities are in a good place. Again, I will not pretend that I spend my days skipping about through singing paint brushes that gayly do all the tedious base painting; nor do I have the luxury of coming back to a TV ready apartment where both Handsome and I talk to each other in dulcet tones about sweet nothings….  my life is so much better. I work. I sweat. He works. He sweats. We talk. We manage. We play. We love. We adventure. It is so funny to us that people consider our move to be almost crazy. “What, you just packed up and left? Moved somewhere you had never been before deciding to move there?” Yes. Yes, that is exactly what we did. The interesting part is that the decision felt so calculated. However, when I think about it, the main spur was the fact that I got a great job in the area. I was going to move for that reason alone. That does not feel crazy to me, but apparently others find it very bold. Handsome coming with me seems braver to me. He had to find a job, pick an apartment with me, and uproot himself from the town he lived in his entire life. In sooth, my decision to fly all over is due more to my nature than to any particular courage on my part. I admire Handsome far more in this case. He made a leap, and not just for my sake. He dove head first with abandon and fire into a whole new lifestyle after maintaining his place for so long. I am a blessed woman for all that I have, but having such a brave man in my life is really one of the brightest.


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