She’s Alive!

I think I should just accept that I am an intermittent blogger at best, but in my defense I have been zipping about doing all sorts of crazy life-shifting things. Shall we do one of my infamous summaries? Of course we shall!

Since I last posted, I have:

Moved yet again!  Are we really surprised? I seem to be moving about a great deal, so I am sure another shift does not come as a shock. I have moved to Syracuse New York and the move went a lot more smoothly than I anticipated. Though I have moved multiple times in the past, I moved with perhaps a third of the stuff that went with me on this trip. I am hoping that this move will be semi-permanent (at least 2-3 years) so I went ahead and grabbed most of the stuff that I was storing at my parent’s place as well as my bedroom furniture. Despite all the gak, the actual shifting of things in and out of spaces only took about two hours each time. The longest time was spent driving to our destination.

Moved in with my boyfriend Yup, it happened. We are in a lovely two-bedroom apartment, learning how to constantly co-exist. Thus far, we are getting along rather well. I can’t begin to describe how nice it is to live with a man who loves to cook fantastic meals and who works so hard to meet my needs while at the same time communicating his own desires. We are definitely hitting places where we irritate each other, but I have faith that we have a strong enough foundation to tease those tangles into a healthy existence together.

Started a new job So, the schedule between the ending of the Camp and the start of my job at the Stage ran thusly:

August 6th: Drove from Michigan to Ohio

August 7th: Drove from Ohio to CT (drop Handsome off and say hello to his family)

August 9th: Drove back to New Jersey to pack the rest of my stuff

August 10th: Moved

August 12th: Started work at the Stage

Did that make you tired just reading? If it didn’t then just try to empathize with actually experiencing that nonsense. However, I really love my work. The PaintGuru is an incredible boss and the work is what I have dreamed of doing every day. True the days do involve some boring work, but that work is apart of a larger process that has so many fascinating parts. I can’t quite express my delight to be within its workings. I am doing what I love with people who are a joy to work with. I could not be more pleased with my current situation.

Went to a giant farmers market If I thought Florida had an incredible farmers market, I clearly did not quite comprehend the true scale of an incredible market. There is a most magical place here that is an endless series of semi-enclosed buildings that house everything one could ever want in a market. And it’s year-round!!!!!!!!!! (I try to avoid multiple exclamation points as a rule, but sometimes they are warranted.) For two people who are attempting to be conscious of their food, such a place is a veritable playground.

That’s the basic premise for this next portion of my life. I am working an incredible job, I have a lovely apartment that I can actually invest in improving, and I live with the love of my life. I am blessed beyond measure and I hope to continue sharing such joy, even if it is intermittent ;).


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