From MA to NY, and Adventure: Day 5

Monday started early, and it truly was a most productive day. Handsome and I took our leave and we headed to Syracuse New York, the place where I have secured my work during the year. I suppose it should be said now that Handsome and I have decided to relocate together and thus we wanted to secure an apartment as soon as possible. My timeline is extremely cramped and with heading to Michigan for the summer we knew that we would not have much of an opportunity to find a place together. So, we decided to take a quick trip up there to scout the area for potential places where we might consider living. We had one place that we were scheduled to view upon our arrival. Turns out we found our apartment. The landlord showed us two floor plans and while both were serviceable, we went with the apartment that had hardwood flooring, two equal size bedrooms, and a kitchen that was so delightfully dated (the 60’s earth- tone tile -movement was not lost on this puppy). I was utterly charmed and Handsome liked the simplicity of the space and the low cost of living. The landlord was a fine fellow who was interested in being selective about his tenants (i.e. quiet) rather than turning a large profit. The rent is extremely fair, even with the cost of utilities, and he had no problem with pets (I am going to bring my cat from home!!!!). After the viewing, we took the time to drive around the neighborhood to make sure that there was no sketchiness to be seen. Once satisfied that the surrounding area did not seem to harbor the darker delights of urban living, we called the landlord and secured the apartment. Not only did we find a place, but Handsome secured a job interview for later in the summer (Since then he has secured two more interviews). We chose to celebrate by having dinner and drinks at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a local bar that had been suggested by numerous sources. The place did not disappoint. We stuffed our faces with a full rack of ribs and various sides. The beer was quite good, and we went back to the hotel in good spirits over all that had been accomplished that day.


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