From MA to NY, an Adventure: Day 6

The final day of this adventure was a true delight. I had set up a meeting with my soon-to-be supervisor at the Stage. She will henceforth be known as PaintMaster. We started off our meeting in a cafe where we happily chatted for a couple hours. She is a perfectly delightful persona who gives off an energy that is both energetic and inviting. She proceeded to take me on a tour of the spaces that I will encounter in my job. During the tour, I met many others whom I will have the opportunity to see during my time at the Stage. I was floored by the beautiful theatre spaces as well as the generous paint shop. I have worked in a few paint shops in my short time in this field, and none has made my heart sing such as this place. Though offsite, the shop has ample working space, a spacious paint “kitchen” (place to mix paints), and a variety of tools readily available. I also happen to have my own desk…which is kind of nifty ;). The whole time, PaintMaster and I kept up a constant flow of conversation that only made me more excited to start working at this place. She showed me some elevations for the first shows we will be working on together and I practically squealed in anticipation. While I was reveling in the wonder of my future workplace, Handsome was exploring the city. He told me later of how he walked six miles through the city and a surrounding park. He read to me from pamphlets and brochures about the area as we made our way back to his domicile. All told, his scouting only served to bolster both of us about our soon-to-be-home.


At this point, I write to you with only a week between me and the beginning of the next phase of my life. I start at the Camp in Michigan at the beginning of June and that will consume my time almost right until I head to Syracuse. There is much to be done in preparation, but I find myself strangely calm in the midst of all the excitement. Tis time to fly again.  The Lord has always gone with me in my wanderings. However, at this juncture, He has graced me with another companion that does not weigh me down, but joins in the flight. Together, we may actually fly higher and farther than we could on our own. We’ll see ;).


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