From MA to NY, an Adventure: Days 3 and 4

Saturday found us all awake early for one reason or another, SexyHistorian went to work, I drove her, and Persephone went to the farmers market for the purpose of acquiring eggs. I was able to come back an sleep for a time, as was Persephone. When we awoke, we whiled away the day with some relaxing in the apartment mixed in with more walking about the town center. The evening was a lovely cinematic festival. The three of us gathered to watch Pan’s Labyrinth (utterly brilliant film that you should definitely see if you haven’t already) and Wreck it Ralph (please refer to the earlier parentheses, except insert “delightfully clever” for “brilliant”). During this veg, I learned how to crochet. Now, I have been knitting for years and while I definitely respect and admire crochet, I did not want anything badly enough to learn the craft. Well, SexyHistorian made the most incredible granny-square blankets ever ,which led me to remember a huge stock of small skeins in every color imaginable that’s within my possession. I had been trying to figure out what to do with this stock forever and suddenly an explosively colorful granny-square quilt seemed like a perfect idea. Thus, SexyHistorian patiently showed me how to make them. I am proud to say that I think I have the technique down well enough to suit my needs. A most productive movie veg indeed.

The next day, Handsome came to visit. He happens to love the area and he is on very good terms with both the ladies who hosted me. During the day myself, Persephone, and Handsome explored the Quabbin Reservoir (please refer to Outakes post below). We managed to have a lovely outing before the rain began in earnest. We returned with some Trader Joes goodness (blueberry goat cheese is going to be my new obsession), and all of us ate a most healthy meal. From there, Handsome and I joined SexyHistorian for a movie at her favorite haunt called Popcorn Noir. I had been to this place for trivia night, but Sunday was a better look at what the establishment normally presents. Just imagine an intimate space with comfy chairs, a large viewing screen, incredible snacks, and a penchant for playing fantastic movies. That night, I saw the original The Day the Earth Stood Still and I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. Usually old movies are fun to watch for being hoaky, but this movie was actually engrossing despite the time period in which it was made. I gorged on popcorn drizzled in chocolate, delicious beer, and churros of the most mouth-watering variety; all the while snuggled against Handsome who also enjoyed himself tremendously. Twas a fitting end to the Massachusetts portion of my journey. The next day, Handsome and I headed to New York.


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