More Hooray!!

When last I wrote, it was a post about a new job. Well, I am afraid you are going to suffer a repeat of the same jubilation my fair reader. While the job out in Michigan is a fabulous gig for the summer, this blogger also has the distinct pleasure announcing a more permanent position that will be starting almost the moment she returns from her summer fun. I have accepted a position as the assistant scenic charge artist for an excellent theatre company in upstate New York. Henceforth, I will refer to that place of employment simply as The Stage. In the last post, I spoke of the duties of being a charge artist. As an assistant in a more permanent shop, it is basically my duty to keep the painting on schedule regardless of whether the charge artist can be present or not. My supervisor, the scenic charge artist, has to keep up a constant flow of meetings and scheduling along with overseeing the painting. Thus, it is my job to basically be there as her eyes when she is out of the shop for meetings or whatnot.

I wish I could fully express how unbelievably excited I am about this position. When I interviewed with the fabulous woman who is to be my direct supervisor (a proper pseudonym shall be assigned as soon as I meet her in person), I had a really good vibe about the position as well as my interviewer. Apparently my intuition was good, because she offered me the position on the spot.  I must admit that my heart almost burst out of my ribs with elation. This position is contracted, renewable, and is exactly what I was looking to do at this point in my career. This position means that I can move to a whole new area that looks like it will be an excellent match for myself (and someone who may hypothetically be joining me). Much as I am grateful for my living here, I am more than ready to fly onward. I see this job as an opportunity to park myself for a bit, and explore my craft in a more professional setting. I am beyond grateful to the Lord for giving me the patience and courage to seek out work that will provide me fulfillment and joy. This summer is going to be a whirlwind of awesome, and I am itching to dance in the gale.


One comment on “More Hooray!!

  1. Congratulations!!! Where upstate will you be?

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