Two Happy (if unrelated) Things

Two things are currently making me really happy and considerate of that happiness. The first is space. I am extremely responsive to the space around me, and I am amazed at how easily I forget that fact. Like eating well, I definitely notice a significant mood change when I am operating in an organized space. The room that I live in currently was basically an utter disaster since my arrival. To be fair, I have not exactly been around much to fix that problem. However, I always felt anxious and disoriented when I stayed in this room, but yet this room is the most logical place for me to get the “alone time” I crave. Why so anxious and disoriented? Obviously, the fact that the room was a tiny disaster where I could barely move two feet without risking injury. Even knowing this, I still let the situation escalate. Finally, a rapid whirlwind of energy seized me from my stupor, and I restructured the space with a ferocity akin to a wild bird creating her nest. Despite knowing how a clean space would affect me, I am still stunned. I am soothed, tranquil and warm as a fresh cup of tea. I see the gorgeous new yarn and new painting I acquired, on a dresser that is only covered in things I wish to be displayed (rather than random bric-a-brac diminishing the fine surface). The floor is open, and the space can actually thrum with my energy as opposed to getting splintered and caught on all the crap I let build up.

The second thing is horses (grammar nazis, I am aware those subjects do not agree, please put the mental red pens away). I am in the unique situation of having an occasional opportunity to help  tend some horses. A woman in my father’s church, we shall dub her Epona, has multiple Thoroughbreds that she and her family board at a nearby stable. Seeing as how they do all the work themselves, Epona’s normal crew (namely her, her husband and daughters) are sometimes unable to make it to the farm every day. Thus, I am on call in case of such an occurrence. I love horses. Before I pursued the arts, I was fervently in love with riding and anything that had to do with taking care of such creatures. I dreamed of horses in waking hours, and rode them through the night in my dreams. A certain event caused me to voluntarily end my riding career, but over the years I have sorely missed being around the animals. Being in a barn, and grooming Epona’s fine (if somewhat feisty) steeds gives me a glow that absolutely consumes the whole of my torso. I don’t know if I could adequately communicate this deep passion for horses, but suffice it to say it is not something that went away just because I quit riding. The situation is further enhanced by the fact that Epona is a lovely woman who enjoys good conversation while the work commences. Being in a barn among good equine and human company is not a joy I expected to discover here in New Jersey, but the Lord’s surprises are endless.


2 comments on “Two Happy (if unrelated) Things

  1. Persephone says:

    Actually, because “the second thing” is a singular subject, what matters is the use of the singular verb – “is.” So all’s well. English teacher, over and out.

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