Outakes ( A Most Magical Garden Indeed)

I went to an incredible place today. On South Street in Philadelphia, there is a garden where a single artist decided to turn a small plot into the interior of his of his mind. Welcome to the Glass Garden.



Wandering through this maze of recycled wonder, I felt so strongly a child that I almost skipped. Tis the same feeling I get when I am immersed in a really good book. I become so consumed by the artist’s world, I quite forget there is any other.




This place is not that big, but I felt absolutely bite- size in the midst of so much raw love. Imagine someone happily allowing you to wander inside his mind for however long you liked. Absolutely overwhelming as it is glorious.




A garden unlike anything I could have dreamed, and yet had the air of being peeled right from my own imagination. An exquisite place to pause in wonder at what one human can accomplish. If this is not on your bucket list, it should be. I leave you now with the artist’s words…

I use art as a spider web, to trap people and change how they look, feel, dream.” Isaiah Zagar


2 comments on “Outakes ( A Most Magical Garden Indeed)

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Wonderful! I would love to visit it. It feeds our imagination, you know. Aside from the obvious designs, it makes our mind wander and create images

    • I could not agree more. All I wanted to do was wander for hours. The best part was that there were no guards or attendants to thwart you from touching the fantastic textures that were present.

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