Kentucky Journey Part 1: General Outline

Ever driven from New Jersey to Kentucky? Kind of a long stretch through a couple big, cow/farm infested, states and then (Insert magical sparkly noise) you’re there. The plan was that Handsome would come in late Tuesday night, we’d leave stupidly early Wednesday morning to arrive in Kentucky (11 hr. and 12 min) by the evening, and then come all the way back on Saturday. Do I even need to tell you that the plan did not go according to itself? Probably not, my readers tend to be smarter than the average bear. Instead, they may wonder what on earth I would be doing in Kentucky for only a three day stint. Well puddleduck, I was at a gynormous theatre conference (the largest one in the country supposedly), interviewing for jobs like it was a profession itself. See, the conference offers a rather excellent job fair where a goodly number of theatres come to interview for their upcoming seasons. For a small fee (and by small, I mean not really), you can get a shiny badge and a booklet with all the theatres, the positions they are looking to fill, and specifics about those positions (pay, duration, etc.). Tis, and excellent opportunity to meet people rather than just a cover letter, and while I don’t know if anything will result from the conference, I really would prefer to speak of the highlights of the trip itself.

Supposedly, the route we intended to drive was supposed to get slammed with snow on the day we hoped to leave. Handsome and I agreed to put the leave-time off until Thursday and I would just accept the cut in time. Well, come Wednesday morning, Handsome was awakened by an adventurous rolly-polly (in case you don’t know what they look like, ta-da!). Although harmless, awakening to a bug crawling on you is quite unpleasant, and therefore he found himself checking the weather conditions rather than falling back asleep. Upon investigation, he came to wake me up, suggesting that we should leave as soon as possible because the weather looked a lot less nasty than supposed. Choosing not to argue (for once), I hurried to get ready, and we soon flew away. The drive was uneventful and we made it safely to Louisville Kentucky.

I will not bore you with the details of the conference. Suffice it to say I interviewed a bunch and Handsome did fun things in my absence. We both really enjoyed Louisville, dubbing it a chill city that we would definitely consider returning to in the future. Rather than drive all the way back Saturday, we split the drive, taking a rest at a simple hotel for the night. We came safely home with nary a scratch, and another state to check off the list of places we have visited. For the more endearing, food/people-related adventures (not to be confused with anything remotely cannibalistic), you should check out the post above 😉


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