Travels and Fickle Blogging

I started this blog to keep people apprised of my adventures, and here I have been going like a whirlwind with so little writing. It’s difficult to transfer events when so many of them have been out of necessity and therefore lose some of the adventurousness. However, when I actually look at the time since I left Florida, my head spins a little bit. To summarize:


– I moved from Florida to New Jersey (1,112 mi.)

– I was in Baltimore for Super Bowl weekend

– I experienced tunneling out after a major snowstorm in CT

– I went to the Smokies for a week with Handsome and had a most glorious time.

– I met with a very dear and long time friend in Philadelphia.

– I got to meet some beautiful horses, and enjoy the duties accompanying their care.

-I went to a huge theatre conference in Kentucky where I interviewed out my ears, and I enjoyed delicious food in excellent company.

All these places I drove to, (with Handsome often traveling along, sharing the driving time thank goodness) which is a lot of time spent in a car within the last month or so. All this travel in such a short span of time has left me breathless, not to say a little disoriented.  Many people get restless in the car, but I find it to be soothing for the most part (we discovered that 15 hours in one day seems to be the absolute limit). The car is a private universe, where no one can tell you to change the music, or insist that you pay attention to anything save the subtle orchestra of the road outside your windows. Sure, the complete inadequacy of every other driver’s capabilities can be quite vexing, but ultimately, you rarely have to fear as long as your attention is consistent.

Digression about vehicle travel aside, I have decided to try being less of a fickle blogger. I have much to share, and thus I will do so. The posts will start backwards, from the promised pictures of the beautiful cabin Handsome and I stayed within that week in the Smokies, followed by a brief recap of my meeting with Mr. Heat Miser in Phili, and then details of the conference in Kentucky. I fear I cannot ever promise consistency dear reader, seeing as my nature is fickle at best. But, I will promise to continue as long as the writing persists.


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