Full Time

Do you know, I was nervous that not having a job would mean my life would get less interesting. Perhaps that sounds naive, but if you consider the amount of hours one puts into a full time position, then you can understand how I was nervous that I wouldn’t have much to fill those hours once the job was gone. Well, you can cross those fears off the list of anxieties that plague me. Within the last two weeks, I have driven a good portion of the east coast of the United States (Florida up to Connecticut to be precise), spent copious amounts of time with friends in multiple states, been applying out my ears for new jobs, battling dragons and gremlins of varying size and viciousness, working out, dreaming of sky castles and their foundations, tunneling out of snowy waste, and navigating my relationship with a man who I have only thus far enjoyed long distance. I will not pretend that life is idyllic seeing as there are certainly things that plague me, but, as I said, dragons and gremlins (for the record, not all dragons are nasty, but a portion are rather rude and tend to use their size and fire-breathing capabilities for less than savory endeavors.)  Ultimately, I am just musing on the fact that, though I love working, I wish that people here could be allowed such a holiday that I am having now. Obviously I am seeking work, but wouldn’t it be truly glorious to just be allowed to enjoy not having a fixed job for a while? To simply pursue living uncomplicated by the institutions that twist our guts and make us feel anxious because they are the new predators that replaced other animals when we evolved? I have to wonder what it will take for everybody to demand time to truly enjoy living. There is so much to explore, and certainly people make it happen within the confines of working so hard, but wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if we determined the limits of our time rather than working within a convention that we had very little say in creating? Musings are another way I have been spending my time 😉


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