Outakes (some of the spoils)

This movie, while not necessarily the most complete plot I’ve seen in Pixar, is probably one of the most beautifully animated films. The music and the visuals are truly a treat, and it is thanks to my glorious Aunt, Uncle, and cousins on my dad’s side that I now own this.

Looks like a slab of marble, but is actually a wonderful hand crafted soap gifted to me by ZeldaStark. The company is Sweet Harvest Farms, and this particular soap is Teah Par Ti’ and it contains “Palm Oil (sustainable), Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Green Tea, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E” according to the label. I’ve mentioned a deep love of craft soaps, and this one has only further deepened that feeling. I have enjoyed it beyond words already, and I only received it recently.

Some Christmas tunes gifted by the lovely Baloo. Considering my slight sadness at not adding to my Christmas music the last two years, I was beyond excited.

My parents know me well, and it doesn’t help that I’m the only one around to eat it all….

A most perfect project bag made by the ever-talented ZeldaStark. I have been in desperate need of such a product, and I could not have wished for one more lovely.

From left to right: a handmade ornament (ZeldaStark of course, the girl is a crafting beast), a hand carved “hug” from the Global Gecko ( vendor who came to the Christmas event at the park. I wanted everything in her booth, but I could only happily afford this wonderful little carving.), and this wonderfully perfect little tiger friend ( gifted so sweetly by Baloo. He heard I wanted one of the park’s tiger ornaments, and this is the one he picked up. The one I originally wanted was cool, but this little guy is by far superior. I was instantly charmed the second I saw him.)

Merry Christmas to me 🙂


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