Merry Christmas, Thanks to a Friend

ZeldaStark: My dear, what are you doing for Christmas?

Me: (considering my response carefully, deciding to go with the truth plus a dash of exaggeration) Sitting in my apartment with my imaginary feline.

ZeldaStark: …..that is simply unacceptable. I will not have it.

Such conversations are how one finds oneself in a car driving into the countryside with a dear friend to join in her family’s Christmas festivities. You see, I did not have the ability to be with my family this Christmas. That has never been the case, and while I was keeping it generally to myself (or making light of it when asked, hence the imaginary cat), I did not relish the thought of being by myself on the holiday. My mother and other distant loved ones were also concerned that I was going to be lonesome. Thankfully, ZeldaStark and MommaStark came to my rescue and invited me to join in their Christmas celebration. I found myself in the midst of a large group of people who treated me like I came to every holiday gathering, and I spent the afternoon happily chatting, knitting, and stuffing my face with various delicious treats. Not only did my friend and her mother so graciously invite me to this shindig, but also made sure I had a few lovely things to unwrap during the opening of presents. ZeldaStark made me a most perfect project bag, an ornament, and she got me the coolest looking (and most awesome smelling) soap ever!!! (I have a thing for naturally crafted bar soap, judge me all you wish.) Her mother provided a large candle that smells of heaven and unicorns cuddling with kittens. All I wish for my readers to see in this story is people who are beautifully generous spirits who exemplify what Christmas is supposed to inspire. Although I still missed my own loved ones dreadfully, I was buoyed by the company of those who were kind enough to invite me into their celebration. I could not be more grateful, nor more full of true Christmas joy. Merry Christmas to all, may your New Year be even more beauteous 🙂


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