Holy Goodness, happy 100!

Yes, this will indeed be my 100th post, is that absolutely insane or do I just think that? I started this blog as an impulse that I expected to peter out as I lost interest. However, here I am, one hundred posts later, and I am still enjoying the occasional forays into online cataloging of my current existence. I thought about doing something cool and super special, but then my fickle nature caused me to lost interest. So, aside from this introduction briefly nodding to my blogging centennial, I shall just proceed with a normal slice-of-life post.

An interesting turn of events today. I awakened early (well, early for a weekend), and felt quite alert and ready to tackle the coming hours. I showered, and then proceeded to gather laundry for a load. I went to gather the necessary cards for the doing of laundry (there are two; the access card to get me in the facility, then the money card that works the actual machine), and discovered that they were not in their usual spot. What started as a cursory look into other visible areas turned into a hunt through the most unlikely crannies of my small apartment (behind the stove is actually a lot cleaner than I would have supposed). After an hour of searching, I gave my cards up for lost and proceeded to problem- solve. You see, the leasing office is closed on Sundays, and with my work schedule, the earliest I would be able to acquire new plastic would be Wednesday. Considering the lack of certain necessary apparel, I went with a desperate plea to PNinja, who I knew had units in her domicile. She came to my rescue and readily agreed to let me do laundry at her place, and that was before I bribed her with a promise of picking up Taco Bell on the way. True friendship, I’m tellin ya. That settled, I cleaned, went to market with the ever-lovely ZeldaStark, and then went onwards to PNinja’s place with laundry and chicken quesadilla in hand. I basically had the best laundry day ever. I got to use a unit that only cost me a cheap food product, chill with good company, watch silly cartoons that made me chuckle, and play with a most adorable feline (I want a cat sooo bad!!!). Despite all that fun, the best part came when I was transferring laundry to the dryer. After carefully separating drip-dry, I looked back in the washer to see if I had missed anything. Turns out I had….my laundry cards. Doesn’t matter that I turned that laundry basket inside out looking for them. Nope, I apparently was meant to hang out with my friend today, and experience feeling super pretty all at the same time. Happy 100 posts of random-so-awesome-everyday-living-as-a-fresh-adult!


One comment on “Holy Goodness, happy 100!

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