Me Maintenance

Today was a most pleasant and beauteous continuation of the “me” maintenance that began yesterday evening. I am a firm believer in “me” parties, where I just take the opportunity to spend some time on my own actively pursuing a balance of relaxation and productivity (certainly with a hair more preference towards the relaxation ;). Granted I am slightly inclined to introversion, so it makes sense that I find my recharge in time spent in the excellent company of me, myself, and I. Mayhaps this makes me appear selfish, but without allotting this alone-time, I tend to get overwhelmed which tends to make me grumpy towards other people. While I need high-level of stimulation in my work, consistently being around others for the majority of the week does tax me somewhat (thankfully the overall awesomeness of my coworkers keeps it from being more). Thus, I take my moments and make no apologies. How were these moments spent this last evening and a day? Well….

-Knitting: Of course I would be knitting. This is one of the few personal activities that I can enjoy socially as well as privately. When in private, I happily knit away to podcasts and movies, curled tight into the couch with a cup of tea in hand. Podcasts, movies, and tea-drinking can be lumped into this category.

-Hair Cut: Yes, this is a lovely part of maintaining my overall health. The Hair Enchantress (from here shall be shortened to Enchantress), not only did a lovely job on taming the mane, but she also offered to stay late next week in order to get in a color job before I leave for my Thankmas romp. Hurrayyyyy!!!!!

-Errands: Doesn’t sound that fun, but they included food and a stop at the library so I am all kinds of happy.

-Digital Portfolio: The main point of productivity, I am slowly trying to bring this bad boy into existence. In order to apply for many of the jobs I will eventually want, I need to be able to send an organized electronic version of the physical portfolio that I already own. Hence, a huge amount of time spent in Power Point trying to create a presentation of my work that pleases me just as much as my physical rendition. Labor intensive, but so worth it once I finish.

– Sketching Outside: I have discovered that natural sunlight is my favorite light to work in for sketching, particularly using a color medium. Also, today was a stunning mix of cool and blue skies wrapped in fluffy sun-cover. So, I toddled off to Lettuce Lake, chatted with Persephone for a bit, then sketched away for a time. I am not necessarily drawing the scenery immediately surrounding me, but I take a great deal of energy and inspiration from my surroundings that allows me to truly focus on my work. Hoping to get out there again tomorrow for another session.

I know, my life is so exciting you can barely stand the one you’re living, but in case you need some other reasons to be jealous of me…


Uh- huh, apparently going for months without this did not serve to dull my liking for its delicious presence in my refrigerator. Don’t worry Dad, I am not eating all of it raw :/


See this hammer? Looks like a tiny, somewhat girly contraption only suited for a few miniscule projects. But wait a moment….


Keep going…


And another…


Still not there….


Yeah, I am a sucker for clever things. Andddd, considering I work in a mainly male-dominant field, the pink damask serves as a deterrent for accidentally absconding with my tool. I win.


One comment on “Me Maintenance

  1. Persephone says:

    You weren’t kidding – that hammer is AMAZING!

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