Daylight hours?!

It was a really early morning. I mean, early in that way where you have to keep reminding yourself that it truly is the AM hours, and that you did not somehow sleep yourself into the evening. The moon and the stars were still crisp as a paper’s edge. Despite the disorientation of functioning during normal waking hours, the day was so perfect in terms of weather. The air was genuinely cool, and a strong breeze bolstered me at every turn. I felt almost guilty because most of my friends and loved ones outside of my current location are suffering the nastiness of a hurricane, but I can’t help but feeling joyful. The sun was up the entire time I was working. One of the major blessings of my job at the moment is that I get to walk around outside quite a bit, so I was just exalting in the burst of autumn all over my skin.  My day otherwise was fairly uneventful (aside from my water bottle getting run over by a cargo van, but it is only slightly dented and still functioning so all is well), but I was almost completely content because it has felt like a really long time since I have been fully awake during the daylight hours. I missed them.


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