A “Brief” Recap of the Past Month

The last month has been made of the most exhausting material that I have yet faced. The hours, while consistent, have been long and against my normal sensibilities. Don’t mistake me, I am not going to take this time to piss and moan about “poor me, my job’s so hard,” because that tends to get annoying and self righteous. Instead, I just want to share the memories that strike me most from the event. Some of them are fun, some less so, but all are mine.

– The first weekend, like nothing I have ever experienced. Standing and watching….watching…change the fog…..stand…watch……my feet felt like someone had dipped them in iron. I could barely move them when I got home.

– The night PNinja and I were told to go through every single house in an hour and a half. There are seven haunted houses, all of them are in completely different areas of the park. We booked it like the lives of our pets depended upon our speed. We made it through 6 houses (one we had to do the next evening due to complications beyond our control) in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Yes, we are magical.

– That same night, I got to see this room in action for the first time. It’s my favorite room, in my favorite of the houses.

Part of a black light 3D house that had a theme of different superstitions

Just such a cool room!

-Speaking of that house, one night I got to leave my normal post to fill in for a tech who normally worked in the house during the event. What a glorious night frolicking with Sweet Shooter (tech manager for the house) and the Fantastic Frenchman, fixing things, checking on actors/scenery, and bringing justice to any ne’er-do-wells who would dare cause harm to either party. Twas an excellent night.

-Guest sweetness. A little strange, but one night, a young man came up to me holding out his hand and looking at me intently. I was on my guard, but I took his hand to shake. Glancing at my name tag, he said my name, and then, “…my name is Roman, and I hope you have a good rest of the evening.” He then proceeded to kiss my hand, and then skipped merrily out of the gate. Odd, but it did make me smile in the midst of a long night.

– This Ooze

An effect that I helped create.

– And the people. I fear I do not have a picture that adequately captures all the people who made this event awesome for me. Just know that I am beyond grateful, and though I will not miss the event, I will miss working with everyone in this capacity. Thank you all!



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