Outakes (the rest of those moments/ Lettuce Lake)

On Tuesday, I found myself in my own good company at a most magical spot just down the street from my home. ZeldaStark turned me on to the location, and thus I found myself spending a good portion of that day at Lettuce Lake National Park.

The park does have some trails for jogging and biking, but I spent my time exploring a portion of the extensive boardwalks that wound through the riverlands.

The trees were dense in that strange way that marsh growth can seem so slender, and yet you can’t make out what’s beyond. However, then there is an opening.

I am horrible about looking up the names of things, because I enjoy making them up in the private recesses of my brain. I also feel a certain pretension giving a thing a name that has known itself far longer than I have been alive. Thus, I admire and am content to just love the appearance of these trees.

"Just eat the blossoms, that's the good stuff."

These were scattered all through the beds of the swamp leaves, and I was utterly charmed.

I found an observation deck, and this was a view off of one side.

A most lovely gator

This pretty came swimming up to join me. She was not large, maybe four to six feet, but I was mesmerized by her for a goodly while.

She circled around for a while…

…then she swam right up to the platform. I promise anyone who is concerned, I was actually completely out of reach, and I did not close that distance for the sake of the picture.

Though I wished to stay indefinitely, the sun began to descend, and I had another engagement.

And so, reluctantly, I took my leave with every intention of returning soon.


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