Making Sense

I find that I am perfectly content with being left alone to just bury myself  in yarn, paint, and the written word. I mean, I certainly go outside to  take in the sunlight and the natural world, but otherwise I would just rather be left to the seemingly endless endeavors these few activities provide me. People are awesome, but I have never found myself in want of company from the individuals that I know, even with my pursuits.  There is simply a child in me who just can’t understand why she ever has to put her books down, or give up in the middle of a row. In terms of knitting and spinning, they just make sense to me. Sounds silly, but I mean that in the deepest sense of the term. These crafts make sense to me in an innate way that I don’t feel even with paint. I don’t know if I can adequately describe it, but it’s like that ability to pick up the instrument and play. Stitches are a form of solace, projects are a release from anxiety. There is no mistake that is beyond repair, there is no end to the variation of appearance of even the most basic patterns. All projects have a rhythm, and your hands can find it without your eyes watching every move. When I make a mistake while knitting, I know even without looking. My hands just stop of their own accord, because the understanding is in them.  Spinning is much the same. The rhythm sits in your hands, all the tension is within your grasp to distribute through the raw material how you choose. Crafting just never seemed complicated to me. Follow the directions, manipulate the yarn this way, and then you get this beautiful product. Simple. No paperwork, no bills, no misunderstandings so large they will threaten your reality. Knitting makes sense to me in the midst of so much silliness that we as humans have thrust upon each other. Tis the way I can physically create order and beauty amidst the less than orderly and beautiful things in my existence. I am, quite literally, making sense (or nonsense if you mean it in the Wonderland definition of the word). I think we all need that, something we do consistently that just, simply put, makes sense.


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