The Market (the Pumpkins)

I may be in Florida, but today lifted my spirits into an autumn song that almost allowed me to see the leaves change on the trees around me. After a wretched two evenings, a simple trip to the farmers market with the lovely ZeldaStark managed to completely put me in a glorious place. Turns out all I needed were some pumpkins 🙂

What I see every time I go, with a little extra on the side.

So many glorious gourds!

This lady makes them look even more fantastic!

So many different kinds!

So ugly, it’s pretty

This is a sight that was so visually rich I almost felt tearful.


Some of the more interesting things in this world are sometimes in places that we already love.



2 comments on “The Market (the Pumpkins)

  1. Note: If the last picture looks fuzzy on your screen, click for the full view because that seemed to come in clearly. I am sorry for technology being a silly thing.

  2. Persephone says:


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