Life is about to get real crazy, real quick. The Halloween event that we have all been sacrificing much of our sanity to prepare finally opens with a “preview” this weekend. I tell you what, PNinja and I ran around like crazy ladies last week, dodging no small amount of interference and unexpected additions to our work load, and we managed to accomplish an incredible amount of stuff. In fact, our entire list was completed just as Big Man 1 requested. This week, we have been working late hours, including some that we were originally not scheduled to work, and generally traipsing all over this tiny portion of God’s creation on our own two feet to get all the little odds and ends tied up before the horde descends. Last night, I found myself out with a few other technicians (PNinja, Super Lady, Sweet Shooter, and CoolGirl), and we had ourselves a merry time. While there was certainly some griping about the state of affairs, we ultimately pressed on to exchanging silly stories involving counterweight fly systems (yes, this is what theatre technicians end up talking about in a bar). Today, I took the day to rest and recuperate, considering I have rather heinous hours for the foreseeable future. Aside from completely forgetting about going to knitting group (can we say brain operating on very low battery?), I had a charming day. I had incredible phone conversations with Persephone and Handsome, and I managed to finally start a book that the Philosopher lent me ages ago. I cooked myself a glorious chicken lunch with Persephone on speaker-phone coaching me through the finer points of garlic use in cooking. Because I am working really late hours, I have taken to eating my bigger meal in the midst of the day rather than try and haul a heavy meal to work that I only get to eat around 8-10PM depending on the break time. Aside from being slightly anxious about the weekend, I am feeling rather elated. I am blessed with excellent relationships, I have adequate shelter, and a higher-up in my workplace called PNinja and myself the “superheroes” of this year’s Halloween event. He said this directly to our faces with no prompting, which positively made me preen my egotistical feathers. Mayhaps I will be a puddle of goop by the end of all this, but I will still be a “superhero” puddle.


One comment on “Superhero

  1. Persephone says:

    Three and a half hours. A new record? I’m glad the garlic worked out 😀

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