Another Award (and so in tune with my sweet tooth)

Yet again, the lovely Princess has nominated me for a blogging award. This one is certainly fitting because, as many who know me can attest, I have an incurable sweet tooth. Thus, answering the following questions could be rather difficult, but alas, for the sake of my lovely nominator and sugar- addicts everywhere, I must try!

Cookies or Cakes?

I love both with all my heart, but I would have to say that cookies happen on a more regular basis. Cakes are kind of a special thing, and while I certainly admire them while out shopping, this lady always tends to go for the cookies. (Please see picture below for my ultimate guilty-cookie-pleasure. I know, basically straight shortening, and the ingredients list doesn’t seem to have an edible ingredient upon it, but Lord Almighty they are flipping tasty!)


Chocolate or Vanilla?

In terms of ice cream and cupcakes, vanilla. Everything else is chocolate all the way.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Cookie dough, it will win my love and affection in almost every circumstance. The only way to touch the more shallow parts of my heart more quickly is with yarn.

Gahhhhh, this makes me want some right now!

When do you most crave sweet things?

Oddly enough, right after I do dishes, or around later evening. In the case of the dishes, I started a basterdized form of Operant Conditioning on myself. I would use my dessert as a reward that I ate only after I did the dishes. This worked wonders, save that now any time I do dishes I start salivating and I crave chocolate. Anyhow, late night cravings are a little sad for me now because those were once satisfied by furious baking sessions with Herculine. She had this killer cookie dough recipe that absolutely slays me. Though she sent it with me, I have not had the heart to make them yet because she is not there to mix the wet portions while I do up the dry (with 2 AND A 1/2 cups of flour, not 2 half cups 🙂

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Stealing the picture from my nominator, my name would totes be the Cookie Monster 🙂


Don’t exactly have a full dozen, but here you are!



3 comments on “Another Award (and so in tune with my sweet tooth)

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Congratulations, Cookie Monster! 😀 You deserve this award! The cookie dough makes my mouth water now. I want to have some! Love, Cookie ❤

    • I know right? That picture almost convinced me to go grab one of those terrible Pilsbury rolls of doughy goodness and consume it all in delicious bliss. And I thank thee for the award loveling, I truly appreciate it 🙂

      • 최다해 gongjumonica says:

        Haha! I guess it will be too hard to resist the temptations of those sweets! Thank you for your appreciation. Let’s keep rocking the blog world 🙂

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