Success Before the Storm

A day full of rousing success stories. First of all, epic laundry day was an extremely smart thing to do as early in the day as I could. By the time the last load was done, people were already pulling the classic, “I’m not going to wait ten minutes for the dryer, so I’ll just dump the clothes inside over here.” Well, whoever it was, he/she was at least kind enough to put it on the table and not the floor. Anyway, my next task was the farmers market. ZeldaStark introduced me to this farmers market while my lovelings were in town, and it is a truly remarkable place. I have always loved accessible local produce, and this place is absolutely bursting with goodness. From apples to Tupelo honey, I feel glowing all over when I can get wonderful food for an excellent value. Happily today, ZeldaStark joined me again. We even enabled each other to purchase some delightful baskets that incited some spontaneous singing (may or may not have included lyrics about provincial towns). We also stopped by the tea lounge, because, darnit!, I need more morning tea! My evening brews are enough to last for a bit, but I positively drag in the morning without my little tea lift, and the backup is almost out. Thus, some delectable local tea was acquired, and I bid the fair ZeldaStark adieu with wishes for safety during the hurricane. The last thing on the list, a trip to Lowes to gather the last few pieces of storm equipment that I sought. My favorite surprise purchase was a bag of reflective gear that included a vest and support belt (and the bag itself is a nifty little carry bag). While not absolutely necessary, it was cheap and could come in handy in other situations so why not (plus, I totes look fantastic in true neon). On my way home, Baloo called with the news that the park is closed tomorrow and thus no work. While a tiny part bemoaned the lost pay, more of me felt relief. Aside from the storm, I am tired from the 30 hours in three days that just happened. Today was to be my only day off before next weekend, and I spent most of it running to and fro. Knowing that tomorrow can be spent hunkering down to ride out the storm brings a huge wave of calm, and a bit of planning. What are the plans tomorrow? Besides the usual pursuits of knitting and reading, this lady is going to attempt to block a shawl when she has neither carpet nor blocking boards. How will this experiment turn out? We shall see 🙂


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