Fiberful Day

Today was a most glorious day off, and Isaac thus far has not hit us too hard. The day started off with blocking my beauteous shawl. The pattern is called the Mermaid’s Gift, and it was written by Tori Gurbisz. The pattern is part of an ebook that the designer created called Myths and Fairytales, and I must say I covet it dearly. The Mermaid’s Gift was something I purchased before I realized it was part of a larger book. Upon viewing the other 5 patterns, I was instantly in love. I really like the fact that this designer based this collection off of lesser known mythological characters and fairy tales. For example, one of the patterns is called Amalthea, which is inspired by the book The Last Unicorn. That book inspired a movie that I watched so often as a kid the VCR ate the cassette. As for the shawl I made, the designer named it after the original Anderson tale, where the Little Mermaid chooses to die without a soul rather than bring harm to the man she loves. Though she turns to foam, she is ultimately given the opportunity to earn a soul because she chose to sacrifice herself rather than harm another being. While I certainly love the inspiration (and mermaids are definitely in my top favorite fantasy humanoids), my shawl is more reminiscent of another sea legend that I deeply love. I have taken to calling the shawl my Selkie shawl, so named after the creatures that are seals in the water, but have the ability to remove their skins and walk on shore as people. I have loved the idea of such creatures ever since a children’s book called Greyling was read to me when I was little. My shawl is made of a wonderful coarse wool, with a color that reminds me of the moment sea water hits the rocks. The way the foam bursts and seems to turn cream and brown with the sun above and the stone beneath. The beads are a perfect confection of haunting green, and iridescent shifts in color that harken to the inside of a mussel’s shell. This is not the shawl of the tropical waters I have encountered here, but rather of the oceans that I encountered every summer on the shore up north. It’s water that is dark, and thus could always hide secrets like selkies and mer people. The design of the shawl is so stunning, with three bands of pattern that absolutely smack of a wave crashing towards the shore. Obviously, I am enamored of the finished product. The rest of the day was spend winding off Eddard’s first full shaft of wool, and winding yarn for new projects. I am gloriously happy, and I hope to eventually post better pictures of the Selkie Shawl, once I find a photo location that satisfies me.



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