Getting out of work earlier than anticipated is truly a lovely thing. I mean, as much as I do like earning money, having time to get through all the things that are pressing is excellent. Right now, the main thing is gearing up for the less than polite Sir Isaac, who is making his merry way up the coast. While he is not currently a “bad” hurricane, advisors everywhere are still suggesting some precautions. It’s funny how people complain so much about snow and blizzards, yet these same people seem totally nonchalant about a storm that is guaranteed to have crazy winds, power outages, and floods that could potentially carry your car off yonder. I do not want to turn this into a “my storm is better than your storm,” but at least I am used to snow and the like (and it does not have a potential to move my car anywhere unlike floods…unless the wind gets ridiculous, but I digress). Despite the silliness, I am choosing to not fret about Isaac. The last time I freaked out over a hurricane was Irene. I had to drive directly into her oncoming fury in order to make sure I was at school by the start of semester. I made it to my apartment, stocked up, and then basically fought away panic attacks for the next few hours. I was alone, much like now, and the storm was supposedly going to hit hard. Well, fun fact, my apartment did not even lose power, and my area was relatively okay. I know that was not the case for many others, but the point is that my fear was completely unwarranted. Thus, I am attempting to grow from my past choices, and I have thrown myself into preparing for the inclement weather that comes as part of the price tag for where I live. Bottled water, non-perishable food items, things to hold water for various other necessities (flushing the toilet, brushing teeth etc.), flashlights, and a super-nifty lantern that I have dubbed Apollo (thing is bright enough to eclipse the moon on a foggy night.) Thus prepared, I am enjoying a glass of Cupcake Moscato, and I will be ready for epic laundry day on the morrow! (yes my life is so thrilling, please try to contain your excitement 😉


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