Places and Things

Oi it’s been a minute since I wrote last! Well, some things must be sacrificed in the face of running all over this little portion of God’s creation with two of the most lovely people ever. Wonder Woman and Handsome both made it here and back to their home fronts safe and sound. The five days I spent with them were truly everything I could have hoped they would be and then some. I will put in day specific posts as time wears on, and as Wonder Woman gets me some pictures considering I deferred to her small portable camera as opposed to my rather bulky (if awesome) apparatus. As a quick summary:

Places: Busch Gardens Tampa, Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios Theme Park, Harry Potter World!!!), Sea World, Fiber Art (yarn shop, duh), farmers market, the Refinery, Clearwater Beach, and Yuengling Brewery.

Things: Rain (lots), animals, water, ocean, wands, yarn, beads, candy(lots of that too), yummy food, movies, more food, snuggle, umbrellas, rides, castles, sangria, wine, beer, sleeping, dear friends, and yes there was lots of good food.

I am now back at work to crank out some hours, trying to make up a little bit of my play time. I could not have asked for better company, or a more full five days.


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